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man silhouette shower design

Modern bathroom shower design, walk-in shower


Modern bathroom design ideas, contemporary shower enclosures made of glass and stainless steel look dramatic and unusual. The doorless walk-in shower design Aquanatass, which translates like take a shower with me, looks like artwork. A man silhouette adds unique character to this shower design, introduced by Bagno Sasso Aquanatass, the contemporary bathroom fixtures manufacturer from Europe.

This unique bathroom shower design is a beautifully sculptured artwork that looks erotic and seducing. The impressive contemporary shower design blends remarkable bathroom decorating ideas with functionality. A sculptured male silhouette of a naked stranger invites her to take a shower with him. The Aquanatass bathroom shower design features the height of an average man, 175 cm. A creative and unusual walk-in shower enclosure can turn a daily hygienic ritual into a sensual experience.

Modern bathrooms, walk-in shower designs

Modern bathroom design trends, walk-in showers

Stylish bathtubs and shower enclosures

Unique bathroom shower design

Contemporary shower design, unique modern bathroom fixtures
Doorless walk-in shower, exclusive bathroom design

The unique shower is ideal for an unusual, innovative, luxurious modern bathroom design. The new design idea is inspired by the artist and dreamer Hubert Rieber’s drawings.  The elegant and sensual design reflects the unexpected inspiration for a doorless walk-in shower enclosure with a stainless steel sculpture of a man turning the functional design into a contemporary art masterpiece.

Modern bathroom shower design, walk-in shower
Unique bathroom fixtures, luxurious contemporary shower design

Doorless glass shower enclosures

The doorless shower enclosure, decorated with glass and a stainless steel sculpture, is presented by a creative team of designers who enjoy working with artistic and surprising ideas, new design concepts, and contemporary bathroom products for luxurious homes, hotels, and resorts.

New shower design presentation for Middle East customers
Aquanatass shower design, silhouette shaped bathroom shower

The contemporary shower manufacturer designs and sells these limited edition showers made of bronze and aluminum also. Wooden bathroom accessories are offered for stylish bathroom shower designs which can decorate luxurious homes, hotels, and resorts.

The contemporary glass shower enclosure

Unique and contemporary bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, and shower designs, including the new walk-in shower with a stainless steel man silhouette, are great for creating exciting and unique home interiors. Contemporary shower designs open up the spaces, creating bright and spectacular bathrooms in luxury homes, hotels, saunas, and spas.

Metal tiles modern curve

Feng Shui home, bathroom decorating secrets

The art of interior design, future of the furniture

This bathroom shower design is created for the Middle East, and it is available in Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. That is why the advertising pictures of walk-in showers with the girl in hijab, instead of the explicit images of modern bathroom showers, were shown during the presentation.

Contemporary bathroom ideas, modern bathtubs, walk-in shower designs

Luxurious bathroom tubs made of wood
New bathroom ideas, stone bathtub

Here are gorgeous, impressive, modern bathrooms with contemporary bathtubs and beautiful walk-in-shower enclosers. The Lushome collection shows the latest trends in the design of spectacular, vibrant, and stylish spaces. Check it out to get inspired.

Glass shower designs, contemporary enclosures, modern ideas
Modern bathroom trends, colorful bathtubs, bathroom lighting, furniture

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