11 Modern Christmas Decor Trends

unique unusual contemporary modern christmas tree design
COntemporary CHristmas tree decorating design



Christmas tree decorations is the main beautiful element of decorating homes for Christmas. Christmas tree decorations is the subject of fashion trends, as stylish clothing or interior design colors. Every year designers develop new collections of Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas colors schemes and offer modern Christmas decor ideas that help create unforgettable and elegant interior decorating design and happy winter holiday atmosphere. Designers offer 11 modern Christmas decor trends for 2010-2011 winter holiday decorating.

1. One of modern 2010 Christmas decorating trends, Silver Snow theme comes with light gray, inviting cream, festive silver and white Christmas tree decorations. Classic white home decorating ideas and elegant gray, shiny silver and white Christmas decor accents create light and spacious Christmas color schemes for 2010-2011 winter holiday decor.

Silver and white Christmas colors, Christmas tree decorations and dining room decorating ideas

2. Glamor Christmas decorating trend for 2010 offers glittering silver and luxurious gold Christmas color schemes for the dining room or living room decorating ideas and glamorous Christmas tree decorations that impress and delight.

Glamor silver and gold Christmas decor trend, modern glass and metal Christmas table decorations

3. Beige, gold and brown 2010 Christmas decor trend is one of modern room decorating trends for 2010-2011

winter holiday. Neutral beige color tones with festive gold and brown Christmas theme is perfect for relaxing room decorating ideas and inspired by nature Christmas decor style.

Natural green, beige, gold and brown dining room decorating ideas, natural winter holiday decorating style

4. Sky blue Christmas colors for holiday decorating symbolize fresh morning air, winter cold, frost, ice and clear skies. Blue Christmas colors feel calming and soothing. Combined with modern warm brown, traditional red or neutral interior decorating colors, night sky blue tone, turquoise colors and light blue shades offer cheerful, elegant and stylish winter holiday decor.

Glass Christmas decorations, modern white-blue winter holiday decor trend

5. Eco style Christmas decorating trend celebrates natural materials, handmade Christmas decorations and neutral Christmas colors, creating simple and charming holiday tree design and eco style Christmas table decorations.

Neutral interior design colors, natural holiday decor, eco style Christmas table decorations, eco winter holiday season

6. Retro style Christmas theme with ornaments and garlands that remind last century holidays is another modern 2010 Christmas decorating trend. Retro style Christmas stockings, vintage fabrics, artificial Christmas trees, papier mache, wooden or old glass Christmas decorations, vintage cards and impressive retro style Christmas tree top design are main elements of modern retro style Christmas decor.

Retro style Christmas decorations, white birds on artificial Christmas trees branches

7. Silver, gold, white, pink or purple are modern Christmas colors for 2010-2011 winter holiday decorating. Also light green, lime or emerald green color shades are stylish tones for Single Christmas color decorating trend that allows to design romantic, elegant or relaxing holiday atmosphere with stylish monochromatic Christmas tree decorating.

Snow white and green Christmas colors, monochromatic Christmas tree decorations, photo via countryliving.com

8. Using something new, modern and different, as small gift boxes with after party presents instead of traditional Christmas tree decorations, adds a surprise to unique Christmas decor and festive atmosphere. Christmas tree decorating with surprise gifts, hidden in beautiful gift boxes on tree branches, is a another way of giving a present in style. Bought or handmade Christmas decorations are perfect small gifts for adults, and toys make exciting presents for kids.

Gift boxes, Christmas tree decorating with surprise gifts, unique Christmas tree decorations

9. Designer Christmas tree decorating ideas are getting more interesting every year. Creative Christmas tree design is an opportunity to experiment with artificial Christmas trees design and learn contemporary decorating ideas, to experience the art of design and enjoy fun winter holiday atmosphere. Alternative Christmas tree is one of holiday decorating trends that helps unleash creativity and arrange very personal winter holiday decor.

Contemporary Christmas tree decorating ideas, unique design, modern Christmas colors

10. If you do not like traditional Christmas tree decorating ideas, if you are tired of bright Christmas colors and lights, Medieval Christmas decorating theme is one of modern 2010 Christmas decor trends that helps arrange unusual room decorating design and enjoy unique, stylish and quiet Medieval Christmas party. If minimalist Gothic style holiday decor is not for you, Victorian Christmas decorating ideas offer the comfort of warm fireplace and cozy couches with soft wool cushions. (Read about declutterign after Christmas in two simple steps.)

Wooden furniture, arches, heavy curtains and simple Christmas table decorations, Medieval Christmas decor, inspired by Gothic style

11. Traditional Christmas decorating ideas are always popular. Traditional Christmas tree with trendy accents feels familiar and stylish. Comfortable winter holiday decor theme and traditional Christmas tree decorations in red, green, silver and gold colors look great beside modern deep red-purple tones, soft orange, comfortable brown shades, or fresh white and sky blue Christmas colors.

Artistic Christmas tree: from spontaneous to golden image
Organize cable clutter: hide cables in walls
Decorating homes for Gothic Christmas

Modern 2010 Christmas decor trends, traditional living room decorating ideas, beautiful fireplace wreaths and candles

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