Traditional Christmas Tree Decorating with Trendy Accents

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Trendy snow on green branches, traditional winter holiday decorating colors and Christmas tree ornaments



Traditional Christmas decoration ideas are always popular. Every year interior designers offer their new red, gold, and silver Christmas tree decorations and home decor collections. Red Christmas colors will shine also. Traditional Christmas tree decorations evoke childhood memories. Nostalgic red, white, and green Christmas colors are trendy, helping people relax and find security in familiar products and designs.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the year of Rabbit or Cat. Sense of humor can help decorate a traditional Christmas tree with tiny figures of Cats and Rabbits, which promise financial wealth, health, and happiness. Handmade Christmas decorations, hand-painted in classic Christmas colors, are modern trends for Christmas tree decorating.

11 modern Christmas decor trends

Christmas decorating trends, Glamor holidays

Christmas decor trends, gold and brown

Christmas tree decorating ideas

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas, red-green living room decorating with golden accents

Traditional Christmas tree decorations feel familiar and festive. The combination of red Christmas tree ornaments and green needles creates a beautiful atmosphere of the old Christmas holiday. Old-silver, gold, white, modern brown, blue, or purple add trendy accents to traditional Christmas decor. Bright berry, dark purple, sky blue, gray, or brown Christmas tree decorations, and holiday decor accessories make a classic red dress for a traditional Christmas tree look fresh and stylish.

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Traditional Christmas colors, all shades of red, green, silver, or gold, combined with modern sky-blue, red-purple, cream, beige Christmas tree decorations, and holiday decor accessories, create a nostalgic mood and festive atmosphere.

Trendy snow on green branches, traditional winter holiday decorating colors, Christmas tree ornaments

Old fashioned tinsels are gone, but the natural beauty of green needles can be emphasized by Christmas snow that adds the crispiness of white Christmas colors.

Traditional Christmas tree decorations, modern red-gold and brown living room Christmas decoration ideas

Beige and cream Christmas tree decorations, embroidery, or holiday decor accessories create a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels familiar and pleasant. Contrasts of texture and colors are modern Christmas decorating trends for winter holiday decor.

Winter holiday decoration ideas, red-blue Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas table decorations

Luxurious shiny Christmas tree decorations and holiday decor accessories look great beside handmade Christmas decorations with knitted elements or applique.

Green-red with golden accents dining table traditional holiday decor

Traditional Christmas colors and holiday decor accessories are enriched by colorful contemporary accents, earth tones, soft orange shades, deep red-purple, gold, and brown.

Silver-white Christmas tree decorating colors, golden accents

Handmade Christmas decorations for the tree branches or dinner table design, made of wood, wool, or contemporary eco-friendly felt, dried flower arrangements, ribbons, snowflakes, rain deers, geometrical Christmas tree ornaments, nuts, and candles are stylish elements of traditional Christmas decor.

Red colors for traditional holiday tree decoration

Everything that symbolizes Christmas traditions and adds comfort can create a festive atmosphere and beautiful retro-modern Christmas decor.

White holiday tree decorating with pinecones and lights

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