2010 Christmas Decorating Trends, Silver Snow

white silver table decor candles holiday winter

White and silver table centerpiece, Christmas table decorations with candles


The charming Rabbit (or Cat) is the symbol of 2011, according to the Oriental calendar. The Metal White Rabbit (or Cat) likes white, black, golden yellow, gray and silver decorating colors. The most important element of 2011 is metal. Shine, sparkle and glitter create festive and attractive attractive holiday home interior decor. White and silver Christmas tree decorating ideas are one of 11 modern decor trends for 2010 Christmas.

White and silver home decor and Christmas tree decorations imply airiness. Flowing lines of LED Christmas treeĀ  lights and graceful shapes of white Christmas tree ornaments offer beautiful light Christmas themes for winter holiday. Contemporary and traditional transparent fabrics, like chiffon, organza or silk, and white, light gray and silver Christmas color schemes offer elegant and spacious holiday home interior decor and Christmas tree decorating ideas. (More on decorating the dining room for Christmas and white-silver Christmas palette)

Crochet lace and white Christmas tree decorating ideas for winter holiday decor 2010

Soft pale Christmas color, like cream, pink, turquoise, sky blue, lime yellow, gray or beige, compliments white and silver Christmas tree decorations, bringing interest into White Snow Christmas theme.

Contemporary shiny, made of mirrored glass Christmas tree decorations or retro style glittering glass Christmas tree ornaments, porcelain bowls in pale modern Christmas color, sparkling crystal glasses and glowing in the dark Christmas tree lights are stylish white and silver Christmas decorating ideas, that support Silver Snow Christmas theme and one of 11 modern 2010 Christmas trends.

White and silver winter holiday decor and Christmas tree decorating ideas

White-silver Christmas color schemes have always been very popular for winter holiday home decor and Christmas tree decorating ideas. White, silver, light gray or black Christmas tree decorations are important elements of modern 2010 Christmas color schemes. (Read about eco friendly Christmas decor, recycle and edible decorations.)

White and silver table centerpiece, Christmas table decorations with candles, ribbons and balls

White, silver, gray or black, shiny or matt Christmas tree ornaments with attractive transparent elements and beaded details are light holiday home decor items that are perfect for modern 2010 Christmas tree decorating ideas. (Look at artistic Christmas tree decorating ideas.)

White-silver-gray wreath for door and wall decorating

Crystal glass and mirrored Christmas tree decorations, glowing in the dark LED Christmas tree lights, sequins, lace, feather, silk ribbons, cute glass or porcelain white, silver or gray Rabbit or Cat Christmas tree ornaments will create elegant atmosphere and stylish winter holiday home decor. (Read about decorating homes for Gothic Christmas.)

Modern feather and glass Christmas tree ornaments, stylish 2010 Christmas tree decorating ideas

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White Christmas color and modern White Snow theme for holiday decor

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  last updated: 10.01.2012


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