15 Green Christmas Strategies for Holiday Home Decorating in Eco Style

handmade christmas decorations for green holiday

Eco friendly Christmas decorating ideas, fireplace garland made of nuts for green holiday decor


Inexpensive Green holiday decorating, simple eco-friendly Christmas ideas and money saving tips to use natural and edible decorations, saving money and creating extra time to enjoy stress-free Christmas holiday with friends and relatives in eco-friendly houses. Christmas holidays are supposed to be relaxing, pleasant and inexpensive. Lushome shares 15 money-saving tips for Green holiday decorating.

1. Design a natural green Christmas garland and use tree branches from your back yard for cheap, eco-friendly Christmas decorations and small, inexpensive gifts.

2. Go Green, making eco-friendly Christmas wreaths and creating Green holiday decorating designs. Use edible decorations. A Christmas tree with edible, eco-friendly Christmas decorations on green branches, like popcorn, candies, cookies, and cranberries, looks great, and the birds will be thankful for eco-friendly presents after holidays.

3. Decorate outdoor Christmas tree that grows in front of your house with cheap decorations made of natural materials, like wood, metal, wool, natural fabrics or felt made of recycled plastic. It is one of the most popular money-saving and eco-friendly ideas for Christmas decorating. Create truly Green holiday decorating with cheap ornaments and LED lights.

Eco-friendly Christmas decorating ideas, pine cones and evergreen Christmas wreath for green holiday decor

4. Eco-friendly Christmas gifts, like oxalis plants, and small living Christmas trees with roots are excellent eco-friendly ideas for Green holiday decor.

5. Replant green Christmas trees in spring outside to support Green environment, and reuse living trees for eco Christmas decorating next year.

Go Green decorating your home for Christmas

6. Use energy saving Christmas decorating lights, environmentally friendly products, decorating fabrics and Christmas candles for making inexpensive gifts, cheap decorations, and indoor or outdoor Green holiday decor items.

7. Choose Green ideas and materials for creating simple Christmas tree decorations, handmade gifts and Green holiday decoration. Wood, eco-friendly felt or old clothing from closets is a perfect recycling material for money saving Christmas crafts.

8. Create a new Green Christmas decorating tradition, using a tall house plant instead of a living Christmas tree. Old Christmas decorations and small gifts which you received before can be utilized for creating unusual and exciting table centerpieces.

9. Say NO to artificial Christmas tree and cheap decorations made of plastic or aluminum. Use what you already have inside and outside of your house to decorate your yard, house front door, windows and foyer.

Eco-friendly ideas for green holiday

10. A green Christmas garland and eco Christmas wreaths add pleasant fresh aroma and help create eye-catching Green holiday decor. A natural Christmas tree and natural decorations are an excellent choice for eco homes. Eco-friendly products and materials can be composted or burnt after Christmas holidays.

11. Eco Christmas candles and green Christmas trees with LED lights are the great, energy-saving, Green ideas.

12. Use recycled paper and natural decorating fabrics, like felt, cotton, burlap or sisal twine to create unique handmade greeting cards, Christmas decorations, and eco-friendly presents.

13. Stop buying plastic cutlery, bowls, plates, home and outdoor Christmas decorations. Choose natural materials and Green ideas that are more suitable for Green holiday decor and serving food in eco-friendly houses.

14. Decorate your kitchen and other rooms with wooden, metal, clay, glass or porcelain collections, selecting eco-friendly products and home decorations for your living spaces.

Eco Christmas decorating with burlap and sisal twine

Decorating homes for Gothic Christmas

Home staging property for quick sale before spring comes

Kitchen decorating to dress up the fridge

15. If you are selling your house during Christmas season, go Green anyway. (Read about home staging for quick house sale in winter.) Do not waste paper, providing open house cards with the information about your property. Leave a note, directing your visitors to your site or your real estate agent’s website. Ask your agent to post the information there.

Creative Green Christmas decorating ideas

Eco-friendly Christmas decorating ideas, fireplace garland made of nuts for green holiday decor
Handmade Christmas decorations created with natural materials
Simple Christmas table centerpiece idea for green holiday decor

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