20 DIY Home Decorating and Storage Ideas Everyone will Love

how to reuse and recycle for home organizers and home decorations

Recycling ceramic cups and flip flops for home decorating with hanging planters


DIY home decorating ideas save money and offer great projects for recycling. Creative ways to reuse and recycle useless items and smart storage ideas help declutter modern houses and personalize home interiors.  Lushome shares wonderful DIY project inspirations for home decorating that everyone will enjoy.

Simple DIY home decorating ideas and recycling inspirations can motivate you to get rid of clutter and demonstrate your skills and talents while recycling for home decorating. These DIY decorations, home organizers and storage ideas are great for kids and adults. They are versatile and suitable for many rooms, from home offices to kids rooms.

Recycled crafts for home decorating, creative storage spaces and smart home organizers made at home are always unique and interesting. Handmade objects are better that purchased ones, and eco friendly. Handmade items help save money while protecting the environment.

Recycled crafts turning clutter into creative homemade garden decorations

20 plastic recycling ideas and simple recycled crafts for kids

30 recycled crafts for creative home decorating with metal tableware art

DIY home decorating and storage ideas

Recycling ceramic cups and flip flops for home decorating with hanging planters

These clever and cheap ideas are fun. You can make a stand for your tablet, a hanging book holder or cable organizers in no time and on a small budget. Here are useful and creative ideas to enjoy.

Recycled crafts and home decorating with what you already have in your house is so satisfying. You can teach kids clever ways to save money and enjoy handmade designs.

Recycling empty glass bottles for unique and modern tableware
Recycling tableware for bird feeders
Recycling tin cans for home organizers and kitchen storage
Recycling old gardening tools for home organizers and storage ideas
Recycling rope for glass decorations
Recycling leather belts for storage
Recycling vintage tableware for candle holders
Making stand of salvaged wood pieces
Making vases of empty glass bottles
Recycling vintage furniture and wallpaper pieces
Recycling wallpaper and vintage tableware for home decorations
Making cable organizers and recycle toilet paper rolls
Painting glass bottles to reuse and recycle as vases
Jewelry organizer created with vintage frame and lace
Cooking book holder made with hanger
Recycling wine bottle corks for kitchen accessories
Making simple towel racks of wire
Recycling colored tapes for desk decoration
Making kitchen organizers with fabrics, creative kitchen storage ideas

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