Reclaimed Old Wheels and Summer Flowers Make Beautiful Garden Decorations

flower beds recycling old wheels

Old wood is attractive, precious and classy decorating material. An old wagon wheel does not only add charm to your garden design but creates an antique essence and gives a touch of the vintage style to home decorating. Metal garden carts and wooden wagons look amazing with beautiful flowers. Here is an inspiring Lushome collection of spectacular DIY garden decorations that creatively recycle reclaimed wheels, garden carts, and vintage wagons.

Do not throw old wheels, vintage garden carts or tools. Make a wise and creative choice for the socially responsible DIY projects. Old and broken wagons and carts are useful items. Decorated with blooming summer flowers, they make wonderful yard decorations in the vintage style and provide extra storage space for garden tools.

Reclaimed wood, wagon wheels, colorful Acapulco chairs and beautiful flowers

Often, made of durable teak wood, old wagon wheels are strong and appealing. The wood can be hundreds of years old, still looking attractive after being used outdoors for years. Old metal and wood wheels bring unique texture into gardens and give character to yard landscaping. After all the miles these wheels have traveled, they make exceptional yard decorations.

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Recycling vintage wheels for garden decorations

The high quality of vintage wheels makes these items last for many years. Recycling the wheels for reclaimed wood and metal decor helps the environment. If you give some thought to the fact that teak was the preferred wood for crafting wagon wheels, it gives you a guarantee that recycling this wood is a smart choice.

Recycling old bikes and wagon wheels for outdoor decorating

Wood ages beautifully creating a silver-gray patina which gives a contry home charm to yard decorations. Rusted metal wheels brighten up lush greenery creating pleasant contrasts in landscaping. If you prefer bright and colorful look, then paint wheels vivid colors. Green, blue, black and white look beautiful among green plants. Red, orange, yellow and all pastel tones create eye-catching flower stand designs.

Reclaimed wagon wheels and summer flowers, colorful wall decoration

Metal and wooden wheels, old garden carts and wagons can remain outdoors in all seasons. These yard decorations are low maintenace as they are able to stand extremes of weather while giving a touch of the vintage style to homes and gardens.

Balcony decorating with flowers and wagon wheels
Vintage garden cart stand for decorating with flowers
Summer flowers, idea for recycling metal trailer for garden decorations
Flower bed with summer flowers and rusty metal wheel, design by Katrina Fairchild

  by Ena Russ   

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