55 DIY Garden Sink Designs, Convenient Outdoor Utility Sinks

white wood bench garden sink

Painted white wood bench with a garden sink


We need an outdoor utility sink when gardening, cleaning, washing vegetables, or making crafts. There are many different types of garden sinks, but DIY sink designs are the best. They personalize outdoor home spaces and save money. Check out the Lushome collection of handmade sinks that improve the functionality of backyards and bring convenient additions into outdoor living spaces. The handmade designs recycle old sinks and turn clutter into treasure.

A simplified portable garden sink hooked to a garden hose is a popular design idea among gardeners and artisans. Another option is to mount a more permanent sink on the side of the house, or a garden shed. This utility sink design provides a source of water and a place to work. A utility sink with a potting bench makes things even more comfortable when working in the garden. These types of sinks people make from weather-resistant materials, like pressure-treated wood, bricks, and stones.

Outdoor utility sinks, convenient and cheap ideas for backyards

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DIY outdoor sinks

Wall-mounted garden sink, hand basin with flowers, wall mirror
The simplified DIY idea, portable outdoor water dispenser

DIY garden sinks are one of the ways to save money while improving your backyard design and enjoying the remodeling project. A handmade outdoor sink enhances the enjoyment you get from gardening, crafting, or outdoor cooking. It shows your skills and talents while saving money.

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Wall-mounted garden sinks

Wall-mounted garden sink with a wood bench

The DIY outdoor sink stands come in various designs, materials, sizes, and styles. You can reuse and recycle your old sink or purchase one in a home improvement store for the project. Making a stand for the utility sink is up to your creativity and what suitable materials you have at home.

Recycling car tile, DIY hand basin

Massive stands with outdoor sinks will handle large cleaning jobs. Garden sinks that you usually will use for washing hands or utensils can be small. The only thing to remember is that a handmade garden sink of any size will improve your outdoor home spaces if it looks attractive, not only functional.

Outdoor home decor, wall-mounted garden sink, wall decorations

Portable utility sinks

Portable hand basin made of plastic pipes

Portable metal stand with a garden sink

Handmade outdoor sink designs

Garden sink with a wood bench
Garden sink, wood stand
Tiled sink
The simplified DIY idea, small garden sink
Painted white wood bench with a garden sink

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