Feng Shui Room Design, Furniture for Corners in Modern Homes

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modern studen desk, space saving furniture design for corner
Modern student desk, space saving home office furniture for corner


Modern furniture for corners is a stylish, space-saving, and functional home furnishing idea. The corner furniture pieces take less living space and create home interiors that appear airier. Modern furniture for corners is excellent for small spaces. For example, a dining room corner cabinet, a corner sofa, a corner TV unit, or a student desk are space-saving furniture pieces that maximize available spaces. In addition, space-saving corner shelves, office desks, corner storage, wall-mounted units, corner bookcases, and corner day beds are attractive and functional. These room furniture items add more style and comfort to decorating small apartments and homes.

If you face a space crunch, you can opt for a corner closet or place a bed in the corner of your room. Living room furniture for corners can effectively utilize and maximize the available space also. Modern furniture for corner sofas, which convert into a bed, is an excellent space-saving idea for home decorating, especially great for small rooms. Contemporary furniture for corners ensures optimum space utilization, creating neat, organized, and modern room designs.

However, popular space-saving ideas and modern furniture for corners add rectangular shapes to room design. Office desks, sofas, and beds, designed to fit into a corner of a room, modern living room furniture for corners, and storage furniture pieces do not create good Feng Shui. According to Chinese Feng Shui masters, rounded edges and smooth curves stimulate the energy flow through home interiors. Curves are great for creating harmonious, energy-balanced room decor.

Modern furniture for corners

Space-saving room design with furniture for corners, contemporary corner sofa-bed
Modern student desk, space-saving home office furniture for corner







How to Feng Shui furniture in a corner

Chinese Feng Shui masters suggest avoiding sharp angles that modern furniture in rectangular or square shapes have. Room design with corner furnishings that have sharp angles is considered unfortunate. Creating a soft corner in a room with Feng Shui cures improves room design, brings balance, and helps Feng Shui room layout with furniture in a corner.

Feng Shui home, bathroom decorating ideas

Functional kids room design, understanding kids nature

Space-saving ideas for modern kids bedroom

Contemporary furniture for good Feng Shui

Modern furniture design, a contemporary bed to Feng Shui room design
Curvy chair for modern room design and good Feng Shui








Ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters suggested to Feng Shui room corners by decorating and softening architectural elements, like exposed posts, sharp angles, and edges, that slow down the chi energy flow. For example, a room corner is excellent for a triangular or rounded dining room corner cabinet, corner bookcase, shelves, or office cabinet. Decorating corners with green houseplants is also practical – the ancient Chinese Feng Shui home design guide suggests.

Home office furniture design, ergonomic elegance

Good Feng Shui for room layout and furniture placement

Contemporary living room design with fireplace, good Feng Shui for a corner in the room
Small furniture for corners, classic living room design, good Feng Shui








A person facing a room corner while working at the desk or sleeping on a bed placed in the corner of a room inevitably loses energy, Chinese Feng Shui masters advise. It is unfortunate, but a person in the corner unconsciously fights the negative impact of energy stagnation and the negative energy in corners.

Contemporary furniture for corners, modern room design, good Feng Shui
Corner sofa-bed for small spaces, how to Feng Shui room layout with house plants








Decorating a corner with Feng Shui cures

If you already have furniture in corners, like a bed designed to fit a corner of a room, or a corner office desk, decorate the corners with lush green house plants in hanging pots. Attractive artificial plants in hanging baskets or flowerpots are Good Feng shui cures for a corner also. Simple room decorating with house plants and images of green plants protect homes and Feng Shui room design with furniture in corners. Green houseplants placed above corner furnishings help Feng Shui your room layout and balance interior design.

Feng Shui cures for room design with furniture in corners, hanging houseplants.
Ferns in hanging pots to Feng Shui room furniture in corners

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