The Biggest Green Decor Idea for Eco Friendly Christmas

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The best Green idea for winter holidays is to adopt a real tree that grows outside. You can decorate a live Christmas tree and visit it with your friends and family members. Many people enjoy an outdoor Christmas party and entertain guests with hot drinks, delicious food, traditional songs and winter games before or after a traditional party at home.

Adopted outdoor Christmas trees are the best eco-friendly Christmas gifts people give and receive. Make a few large Christmas tree decorations, prepare traditional garlands of lights, decorate your tree and take pictures of the lighted Christmas tree to celebrate this winter holiday in eco style. Saving a tree is the biggest Green idea for eco-friendly Christmas.

The signs My Tree, Adopted Live Christmas Tree … (the year), The Xmas Tree I Saved This Year, My Favorite Tree for Green Christmas or The Tree for Green Christmas on the pictures of the tree will always remind you of your eco-friendly Christmas holiday. Hang one or all Christmas tree pictures on the wall creating a bright display for Green holiday decorating.

Green Christmas outdoor

Eco Christmas ideas

You can decorate the living room or dining room for eco-friendly Christmas party on a dime with lighted Christmas tree pictures on the walls. Also, you can create Green Christmas decorations for the adopted tree virtually.

Digital technology allows to try different colors, unusual shapes or turn it upside down and create unique Christmas tree pictures, beautiful staging and virtual decorating for the eco holiday.

Beautiful winter landscape

Photo editing is an excellent way to enjoy something new, unleash your creativity, design unique winter decorations, and experiment with virtual ideas for eco-friendly home decor.

Get inspired by the opportunity to save live Christmas trees and create virtual images, paper and plastic miniatures, and creative decor. Enjoy inexpensive, but original and eco-friendly holiday decorating ideas. Enjoy outdoor Christmas trees!

Wall decor ideas and decorating with frames

Christmas tree pictures and collage ideas

If you don’t know how to use Photoshop, make a colorful paper collage, which you can do with kids or friends. Paper collages, made of live Christmas trees pictures, ornaments or framed photos of the adopted Xmas tree are great Christmas gifts that help save trees and money. Colorful paper collages made with family photos are unique artworks for very personal, intimate and warm Christmas holiday.

Photos or color paper collages are simple Green alternatives to traditional Christmas decorating. Ask your children to participate in your eco-friendly projects and enjoy their creative decorating ideas and fascinating talents.

Old window frame for winter holiday decoration
Recycled crafts and eco-friendly Christmas gifts

Tabletop Christmas tree and craft ideas

Designing a miniature Christmas tree is an easy and exciting activity that you can share with kids. Kids love Xmas tree crafts. You can use any materials, wood, paper, old CDs or contemporary felt for wall decorating or designing unique miniature Christmas trees for the beautiful and warm holiday season. Get creative and have fun with kids. Happy holidays! Merry Christmas!

Creative Christmas crafts and ideas for making miniature Christmas trees

Unique holiday tree design, creative holiday decorating and unique gifts
Xmas tree design and table decoration ideas, winter holiday decor and gifts ideas
Paper Xmas trees for eco-friendly home decorating, miniature holiday trees
Winter holiday crafts, small Xmas tree design, eco-friendly home decorating

Christmas ideas

Decorating homes for Gothic Christmas

Green plant decor and gift idea for St Patrick’s day or Christmas

Home staging property for quick sale before spring comes

Miniature Christmas tree, holiday table decoration ideas
Eco-friendly Christmas ornaments, small Christmas tree designs, recycling old CDs

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