12 Ways to Make Black and White Decorating Unique

creative modern ideas for black and white rooms
Unique collections and unusual displays on wall shelves


Back and white room decorating appear dramatic and bold. Color accents and interesting details or modern decoration patterns help create beautiful black and white rooms that are fresh and stylish. Lushome shares a collection of attractive room decorating ideas that soften black and white decorating schemes and add unique touches to modern interiors.

Adding textures, modern decoration patterns, various fabric prints and wall art soften black and white room decorating ideas and neutral colors which do not need to be boring. Black and white decorating can be not just balanced, but also exciting, interesting and playful. Color accents, unique details, creative interior design and decorating solutions and unusual accessories bring life, interest and energy into neutral and sophisticated black and white color schemes.

Modern decoration patterns, unusual displays, light garlands, DIY furniture and decor accessories, creative interior design ideas and bright color accents turn black and white rooms  into amazing living spaces. Getting a little funky with bold fabric prints, handmade or vintage furniture and decor accessories helps add striking elements to black and white room decorating.

Black and white interior design ideas and neutral color schemes

Black and white with color accents, black and white decorating philosophy

Interesting black and white decorating ideas

Adding contrasting textures to black and white decorating, entryway ideas

Clutter free and elegant home decorating ideas are a must for black and white rooms. Too much chaos creates unnecessary drama with black and white decorating ideas. A touch of creativity makes black and white rooms inviting and unique.

1. Adding metallic paint to furniture or decor accessories make black and white room decorating more interesting.

Creative modern ideas for unusual storage in black and white rooms

2. Creative and unusual storage ideas help brighten up black and white rooms.

Warm color accents adding interest to black and white interior design in minimalist style

Stunning black and white interior decorating

10 ways to add interest to black and white decorating ideas

3. Large wall mirrors reflecting unique artworks, beautiful furniture pieces or decor accessories, bring more interest into black and white interiors.

Freestanding large mirrors creating interesting reflections

4. Unusual displays add gorgeous centerpieces to black and white rooms.

Unique collections and unusual displays on wall shelves

5. Light garlands and unusual lighting design help personalize and soften black and white decorating contrasts.

Light garlands, creative and modern entryway ideas

6. Rustic wood and items in vintage style can relax black and white decorating color schemes.

Rustic wood, fur, soft textiles and fabric prints, modern living room design

7. DIY furniture, decorative accessories and lighting fixtures make black and white interior decorating personalized and unique.

DIY hanging lamp and house plants

8. Dots of bright rich colors, even house plants that bring green colors into homes, are excellent accents for black and white room decorating.

Colorful accents in rich red and blue colors, modern living room design with leather furniture in black and brown colors

9. Combinations of lights and mirrored surfaces, wall mirrors and mirrored furniture or tiles look great in black and white rooms.

Light and mirrors or mirrored furniture, tiles and accessories

10. A single furniture piece in rich bright color brings energy into black and white interior decorating. Red colors are especially dramatic for brightening up black and white rooms.

Red chair, tree wall sticker, black and white kitchen design with dining furniture

11. Modern decoration patterns, zigzags, chevrons, stripes, polka dot and zebra prints give lift to calm black and white decorating color schemes.

Various decoration patterns in black and white living room

12. Creative wall decorating with vinyl wall stickers, black and white photography art, prints or paintings personalize black and white room decorating and add an artistic touch to modern interior design.

Creative bed headboard ideas, wall stickers in black and white bedroom

Your black and white room does not have to look like a laboratory! Monochromatic schemes can be just as interesting and playful as any other design – it just takes a little experimentation. One thing is for certain: your boring room will not brighten itself up! Use these home decorating ideas and make up some of your own to turn your black and white room into an oasis of personal expression.

  by Ena Russ   

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