Felt Wall Decorating for Contemporary Interior and Traditional Room Decor

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Felt for decorating and furniture design, decorating the living room, Josef Chair design by Lothar Windels


Felt is fun. Felt wall decorating looks soft and modern. Although felt fabrics are dense, it is easy to work with felt and create modern wall decorations. All you need is sharp scissors and imagination. Long time ago felt was one of traditional materials for wall decoration. Today latest trends in decorating reinvent felt wall decor and create contemporary interior design with eco friendly felt.

Felt fabrics, made from natural fibers, were used for Eastern traditional interior design. Also people made felt blankets, mattresses and pillows, hats, shoes and clothing of wool felt. Now one of the oldest traditional materials for interior decorating regains its importance and popularity. Today natural wool and eco friendly felt fabrics are used for making shoes, clothes and contemporary home decorating, creating impressive and unusual modern interior design.

Anne Kyyro Quinn design studio in London, www.annekyyroquinn.com/ creates stylish decorative wall panels, made of modern felt fabrics. These colorful and unique wall decorations are made for public spaces and home interior decorating. Designed of decorative felt, the modern wall panels are handmade. The felt wall decoration is flexible and allows to create attractive, original and contemporary interior design.

Felt wall decorating ideas in contemporary style

Felt wall decoration, contemporary interior design and decor ideas
Felt wall panels in gray color, modern wall decor for dining room

Modern wall decorating with felt is the art that requires not only skills and flexible high-quality decorating fabrics, but also the creative approach to modern wall design. Ordinary things, like felt fabrics can be used for transforming empty walls and creating fabulous accent wall design ideas in contemporary style.

Today, almost forgotten traditional materials, felt fabrics are a modern interior design trend.  Contemporary felt wall decor accessories and decorative wall panels, made with eco friendly felt became stylish elements of modern home or apartment decorating.

Interior decorating fabrics, 3d textured felt for wall decor
Contemporary interior decorating fabrics, textured felt curtain fabric in white color

The production of felt is a big industry today, which is constantly improving its technology and producing eco friendly, beautiful and modern interior decorating fabrics in many colors and with a different degree of flexibility. Felt wall panels and felt wall decorations are versatile and great for creative contemporary interior design or country home decorating.

Rain curtain, home decor accents

Felt fabrics that can be soft or hard, thin or thick, colorful or in neutral colors turn empty walls into gorgeous displays, adding attractive and modern wall decoration to home interiors in any style.

Handmade felt for modern wall decor, 3d textured decorating fabrics
Green felt wall decoration, textured decorating fabrics for outdoor

Eco friendly felt for modern interior design in contemporary style

Commercially produced felt for modern wall decoration is formed from acrylic fibers. Plastic recycling makes this contemporary material eco friendly. Contemporary wall panels and wall decorations, furniture and decor accessories, made of eco friendly felt, are perfect for original designs that add texture and color to modern interior design in eco style.

Felt kids furniture design ideas

Created by wet felting, fluffing (shrinking), knitted or woven materials add textured surfaces and contemporary flair to modern interior design. Needle-felt (also called prefelt) is halfway between commercially produced and handmade felt fabrics. It is made of pure wool and excellent for making gifts and wall decorations for kids room design

Felt fabrics for handmade contemporary carpets and rugs
Felt fabrics for kids rooms, felt pillows in various sizes

Needle-felt kids decorations feel soft and pleasant, because the loose material is formed from lightly felted fabrics. These eco friendly and attractive fabrics are great for modern bedroom decorating.

Clothing from closets for contemporary textile sculptures

Office decorating with felt wall panels or modern living room design with impressive felt wall panels, unique furniture created with felt fabrics, decor accessories and wall decorations, contemporary felt carpets and rugs designs with stylish felt, – just a few ways to add new modern felt fabrics to your home decorating, bringing the elegance and softness into contemporary or traditional interior design.

Wall clock made of orange and gray felt fabrics, modern wall decor ideas
Unique furniture design in orange felt, Josef Chair by Lothar Windels

Eco friendly, made of used plastic bottles and known as eco spun, contemporary felt fabrics are new Green home decorating fabrics that are used for making handmade and personalized gifts, unique furniture, modern wall decoration, curtains and covers, stylish bags, hats, footwear and interior decorating accessories.

Carved wood wall paneling contemporary room decorating

Eco friendly felt is perfect for making Green Christmas or Valentine’s gifts, wall decorations and modern felt accessories that add a contemporary flair to interior design. Plastic recycling for polyester felt fabrics is great for creating useful and beautiful items. Unique furniture and modern wall decoration made with felt add warmth and soft look to contemporary interior design and traditional home decor.

Felt wall decorations for kids room design

Contemporary felt wall decor ideas for girls bedroom, pink stars and butterflies decorations
Modern wall decor ideas for kids rooms, felt wall decorations via feltfantasia.com

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