Colored Pencils for Making Decorations with Kids

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Decorating kids rooms with interesting artworks and crafts make everybody, kids and adults happy, although choosing kids wall art, that children will like for long time, can be difficult. The solution is asking children to participate in decorating kids rooms with their favorite items. Kids are creative by nature.

Give a child color pencils, leave alone for a couple of hours, and personalized wall decor will be create effortlessly. Painted walls or wallpaper for drawing would be covered with wonderful, unique and beautiful kids wall art. And young artists will be very pleased with their own wall decorations.

What can parents do with a big box of color pencils, except allowing kids to draw on walls? Designers came up with interesting room decor ideas. The Social Designer is a decorating company which initiated the Colored Pencil Contest and offered people to discover how they can use color pencils, if not for drawing, and what wall decorations they can create. The juries wanted to be surprised by the innovative and unusual design of decor accessories made with color pencils.

Kids wall art and decorations created with colored pencils

Ordinary color pencils used for unique kids wall art and decorations
Colored pencils for kids room decorating with unique wall art

A 500 color pencil set was given to each participant to experiment and develop modern wall decor ideas. The winning designs used art pencils for original, colorful and surprising wall decorations. Grouped by color or randomly arranged, color pencils can create very unique kids wall decorations.

Coloring pencils sets are great gift ideas for young artists. The impressive, 500 coloring pencil installations offer wonderful ideas for kids room decorating. You can start decorating kids rooms with your children right away, adding interesting and unusual pencils designs to empty walls.

Creative kids wall decorations, unique ideas for decorating kids rooms with pencils
Unique wall decorating with art pencils, improving kids room storage ideas

Kids can create fabulous wall decor for their rooms using their colored pencil sets. Arranging art pencils by color, wall decoration looks very bright. Each of these 500 pencils has its unique name, like Lobster Bisque or Mermaid’s Gown, adding interest to pencil color themed decor. Grouping pencils by names and adding corresponding pictures, you and your children will enjoy decorating kids rooms with functional and useful wall decorations.

Kids furniture design, kids activity table for animal lovers

Children can make a colorful wall growth chart of colored pencils or arrange pencils on the wall to create letters for unique kids room decor. Children can use colored pencils for drawing, organizing kids wall art display on the wall, or design personalized wall decorations, creating  images made of used color pencils that are too short for drawing.

Wall decorations for kids rooms made with colored pencils
Using colored pencils for unique wall decor ideas

There are a lot of inexpensive ideas for decorating kids rooms with color pencils. Colored pencils can be glued to kids bedroom wall panels or decor accessories for creating unique, interesting and personalized room decor that pleases young artists. Marker caps can be glued to wall panels and furniture, allowing to use marker for drawing and creating unusual kids room decorations that help declutter kids rooms.

Interior decorating from toddler room to teen quarters

Unique jewelry made of colored pencils

Older children can use color pencils not only for colorful wall decorations, but for making beautiful jewelry for kids and adults also. Color pencils are great material for designing marvelous wooden handmade jewelry, fashion bracelets, rings, beaded decorations, like curtains, necklaces and decorating kids room decor accessories with unique details. Maria Cristina Bellucci is a professional costume designer at the theater and creative colored pencils artist. She made pencil artworks, crafts and interesting jewelry designs for kids and adults.

Crafts and handmade decorations made of colored pencils
Kids decorations and handmade jewelry, colorful beads, handmade gift ideas

Older children may like these creative recycling ideas and try to make affordable jewelry pieces, – fashion bracelets, brooches and rings, or colorful beaded decorations for children bedrooms. Unusual craft ideas can turn ordinary colored pencils into personalized wall decoration or unique gifts. Mother, sisters and great-mothers will love to get original and surprising handmade jewelry items created with colored pencils.

Color pencil craft and art ideas, colorful rings
Ring made with colored pencils, craft ideas

The designer jewelry pieces made with colored pencils are great craft ideas that can inspire kids to make unique room decorations with used colored pencils. These decorations are versatile and very original, suitable for kids room decorating in any style. These colorful and creative decorations make fabulous gifts while recycling used pencils and decluttering kids rooms.

Kids room decor with playful shadows

Especially if you or your teenagers are used to wear only metal or plastic decorations, these handmade wooden rings, fashion bracelets or beaded decorations are a good alternative. Unique kids wall decorations created with color pencils, will refresh their room and create personalized wood wall decor that is original and surprising.

Crayon color pencil ring, craft ideas for kids and adults
Colored pencil jewelry for kids, handmade ring

Making jewelry, crafts and wall decorations with color pencils, inspired by works by Maria Cristina Bellucci, are great activities for kids and adults. If you think that gold and silver jewelry is too expensive, then organic jewelry for kids are a wonderful, attractive and cheap option. Recycling pencils and creating unique wall decorations or handmade jewelry for kids are fun that saves money.

Recycling pencils for unique artworks
Unique crafts, used pencils with carved letters

  by Ena Russ   

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