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children furniture, activity table shaped like animal
Wood kids table for kids crafts and play


Designer furniture for kids is creative and stimulating. For example, the activity table that looks like a pet, an animal, and a kids toy offers a unique experience for the furniture designer and children. In addition, creative kids activity tables and storage furniture designs emphasizing eco-friendly, healthy, warm materials and innovative design ideas give children fantastic, functional, and stimulating wood furniture items and toys.

Belgian industrial designer Quentin de Coster created an animal-shaped table for kids’ activities, art, and crafts. The table looks like a cute toy for young children. The bright color combination of white and blue adds to the exciting appearance of the table. The designer worked on a kids furniture design project with a team of five-year-old children that helped figure out what type of functional and exciting activity tables and cool kids toys a young child can relate to and what colors girls and boys like the most.

Children and designers created drawings and sketches of kids’ activity tables before the animal-like wooden kids’ table design in bright white and blue colors was finalized. This kids table design reflects children’s perceptions of exciting and functional furniture design and the most popular kids’ toys.

Animal shaped table for kids activities

An animal-shaped table for kids’ activities can be used for creative art and craft projects or play. The wooden kids’ table is great for fun games related to the natural theme, home pets, and animals. Children will fall in love with this unique activity table design. The wooden kids’ table makes a beautiful toy while providing functional furniture for playful room decor. The creative animal-shaped table for kids will stimulate children’s memory, imagination, and strong interest in exploring the natural world.

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The wooden kids’ table can become any living creature, whatever a child can imagine. The attractive, comfortable, functional, and original table is excellent for kids’ room design. It adds more fun to children’s activities and games, offering ample storage space, which is great for crafts or art projects.

Pet-like wooden table for kids activities

Eco-friendly wooden kids table

The wooden kids’ table is eco-friendly, comfortable, safe, warm, engaging, and pleasant. Thoughtfully decorated in striking white and blue colors, the animal-shaped table for kids’ activities is a beautiful example of attractive and functional children’s furniture made of solid wood. The kids’ activity table offers a large side drawer and for convenient storage of drawing equipment and craft supplies. Playfully doubling ahead, the kids’ table is a charming kids toy and a pet.

Animal shaped tables and kids toys in white and blue colors, young kids activity table adding original furniture design and fun to children bedroom and kids playroom ideas

(Photography by Dominique Cerutti, more information on Quentin de Coster website,

How to select tables for kids, furniture design requirements

Are you wondering how to choose kids’ furniture and accessories for an exciting and safe room design for young children? Ideal kids furniture design, including kids tables and chairs, should be:
– comfortable for kids,
– attractive, bright, and stylish,
– functional, as kids understand it, and easy to play with,
– stimulating children imagination,
– made of eco-friendly and natural materials,
– be proper to children age,
– safe and made of natural or eco-friendly materials with paint finish;

and have:

– structural strength,
– convenient storage space,
– modular partsĀ for alterations,
– to show the growing-with-kids furniture design potential.

Animal shaped kids table design in white and blue colors

Creative kids’ furniture design ideas, comfortable and playful styles, high-quality materials, essentiality, and safety are the essential elements of creating healthy playrooms and children’s bedrooms. Find a good activity table for your kids, or get a customized table to create a gorgeous, healthy, and awesome kids’ room design.

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