Wetpour Safe Surfacing for Bright and Playful Backyard Designs

colorful flooring ideas for backyard designs

Creative backyard designs with colorful manmade surfacing materials

Wetpour safe surfacing materials by DCM Surfaces come with safety, comfort and bright design. You can add color and unique texture to your outdoor living spaces and create truly unique, playful and colorful backyard designs. Lushome presents these contemporary Wetpour Safety Surfacing materials, ideal for colorful decorating modern homes.

These incredible Wetpour surface materials are available for DIY  projects and look fantastic in backyard designs. Great for areas with water restrictions, colorful surfacing materials allow to brighten up outdoor living spaces and get rid of required maintenance green lawns.

Wetpour surfacing is a contemporary idea for safe no-maintenance backyard designs. Colorful surfacing materials are more attractive than artificial grass.

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Colorful backyard designs

Creative backyard designs with colorful manmade surfacing materials

The Absorb-a-Fall surfacing material from DCM Surfaces provides impact absorption, offering very useful material for kids playground designs. These surfacing materials are practical and functional, good for decorating patios and areas around outdoor swimming pools.

A range of bright colors and interesting designs are available for any taste or DIY projects. Various decorating themes can enrich backyard designs and create very interesting play areas.

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Pirates, space and stars, beach, jungle, nature, roads and traffic, numbers, letters and abstract shapes are wonderful decorating themes allowing to personalize backyard designs.

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A hard flat surface can be transformed into safe and soft surface with not much effort, giving young kids a unique opportunity to enjoy playing on a safe surface.

Colorful surfaces for backyard designs
Bright backyard designs, flooring ideas

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