Going Green by Recycling Metal Cans for Money Saving Home Decorating

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metal crafts and green ideas to reuse and recycle metal containers

Perforated metal lights


Recycling metal cans for home furnishings, crafts, kids toys, and garden decorations is an excellent way to save money while protecting the planet. Every penny counts in small-budget decorating, and every recycling idea helps the environment. Lushome shares a collection of Green ideas for creating useful items from empty metal cans and add more fun to your home decorating for free.

Reuse and recycle metal containers when cleaning out your home, garage or pantry. Instead of dumping empty cans on a piece of land you can reuse and recycle them for home organizers, unique lighting fixtures, kids toys, and garden decorations. Check out the recycling ideas below. You can be pleasantly surprised that you can create practically anything with empty metal cans effortlessly while saving money on home decorating.

Empty drink aluminum cans and metal containers are an excellent material for DIY designs and creative crafts. Aluminum cans and all the metal cans that people have in their kitchens are fabulous Green ideas for free home decorating. As long as they are rinsed out, these metal containers can turn into home organizers, decorative vases, planters, lighting fixtures, and garden accents.

Green ideas to reuse and recycle metal cans

Recycling plastic, metal, wood for home organizers

Ideas to recycle metal cans

Metal can bird feeders painted and decorated with ribbons

There are numerous advantages to scrap metal recycling. Protecting the environment, enjoying crafts, improving home decorating on a dime are a few examples of how recycling metal cans can be beneficial. Taking some time to learn about metal recycling helps find fabulous ideas for decorating your yard and rooms.

1. Unique lighting fixtures

Perforated metal lights

2. Bird feeders

DIY bird feeders
Bee bird feeders

3. Kids toys

Musical instruments

4. Accessories

Home organizers, plants, kids toys

5. Glass top tables and chairs

Glass top coffee table
Metal cans chair

6. Home organizers and planters

7. Clocks

Clocks, colorful planters, and organizers
Wall racks for accessories

8. Garden decorations, wind chimes

Handmade wind chimes

9. Creative crafts for outdoor home decorating

Fence and wall decorations

10. Calendars

Advent calendar

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