Animal Theme, Fur and Leather for Good Feng Shui, Home Decorating

feng shui elephants, chinese artwork, china home decorations

Good Feng Shui animals figurines


Ancient Chinese Feng Shui of house design and interior decorating is based on the philosophy that all living things are connected and balance the world. Feng means wind, and good Feng symbolizes hidden positive forces and movement. Chinese Feng Shui for house design and interior decorating is the art of transform living spaces to enhance balance and attract prosperity, happiness, harmony and protection.

Ancient Chinese Feng Shui is far more than just a decorating color scheme or furniture placement. Good Feng Shui operates on some fairly strict principles with roots in the ancient world. An interesting side note of Feng Shui’s popularity is that its employment of the elements of nature has created a new use for leather goods and luxurious fur items such as real fur bedspreads, pillows, throws and floor rugs for modern interior decorating.

The use of tanned leather and animal furs has been a part of Chinese home decorating tradition for centuries. Animals are considered helpful in protecting the home from evil spirits and bad luck. Chinese Feng Shui for home decorating uses lucky animals, as well as fur floor rugs, fur bedspreads, pillows, throws and blankets.

Feng Shui animals, leather and fur accessories to Feng Shui interior decorating

Modern interior decorating with fur accessories, fur blanket

Good Feng Shui animals for home decorating

Feng Shui animals include dogs, bears, tigers, elephants, dragons, eagles, horses, frogs, turtles and fish. These Feng Shui animals guard and protect houses and people. Pets are an important part of good Feng Shui also.

Feng Shui animals figurines are good Feng Shui decorating accessories. Feng Shui animals protect the house from evil spirits, misfortune, harm and illness. Small Feng Shui animals figurines help clear home interiors of negative energy and Feng Shui a home for wealth.

Feng Shui elephants

Chinese Feng Shui elephants, small figurines to Feng Shui a home for wealth

However, cartoon like or grotesque images of animals are not suitable for good Feng Shui home decorating or kids toys. According to classic Chinese Feng Shui principles of house design and interior decorating, these figurines help people to spend too much money.

Pets and Feng Shui animals

Small collections of decreasing in size Chinese Feng Shui elephants that walk one behind another are classic Feng Shui cures. Feng Shui elephants help get rid of negative energy, clean the space around the house and improve Feng Shui of interior decorating, according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters.

Small Feng Shui elephants for interior decorating

Feng Shui elephants are ancient Chinese symbols of protection, positive energy, harmonious and balanced homes. Chinese Feng Shui elephants are very popular Feng Shui cures, and these figurines make great gifts and attractive home decorating accessories for shelves and table tops.

Feng Shui elephants for interior decorating, Chinese artworks
Good Feng Shui animals, Chinese Feng Shui cures

Leather furniture, tanned hides and fur decor accessories

Modern leather furniture and decor accessories, made of animals skin and fur, are good Feng Shui items for modern interior decorating, according to classic Chinese Feng Shui principles of interior decorating.

Modern corner furniture and good Feng Shui

Tanned hides and furs, leather furniture and decor accessories created with fur contribute to the smooth flow of positive energy, protect homes, attract profitable trade opportunities and wealth.

Tanned hides, good Feng Shui for modern interior decorating

Leather furniture and decor accessories, made of fur bedspreads, pillows, throws and floor rugs assist with increasing your business and help finish projects successfully.

How to Feng Shui your home with lucky floor rugs and carpets

Although tanned hides, furs or leather furniture and decor accessories are not classic Feng Shui cures, leather and fur shoes, clothes, personal items, wall decorations, leather furniture and decor accessories made of animals skin or fur bring good Feng Shui into homes and protect people.

Stylish fur cushions for modern home decorating and good Feng Shui

Today tanned hides, leather furniture and fur decor accessories, fur bedspreads, pillows, throws, floor rugs and wall decorations made of leather or fur, are modern interior design trend in decorating bedrooms and living rooms.

Bedding color symbolism

However, if you do not have time to take proper care of leather or fur furniture and decor accessories, it is better to avoid these home furnishings. According to classic Feng Shui, interior decorating items that are dusty attract bad luck to people and their homes.

Contemporary fur cushions to Feng Shui interior decorating
Modern fur decor accessories for good Feng Shui

According to classic Feng Shui, animals figurines, tanned hides and furs, leather and fur furniture and decor accessories in home interiors or business offices clean the space of negative energy and Feng Shui interior decorating for wealth.

High quality, clean and taken care of, leather and fur furniture, decor accessories, shoes and clothing, tanned hides and made of leather or fur modern wall decorations create good Feng Shui and attract good luck.

People figurines and home decorations to Feng Shui interior decorating

Ancient Chinese symbols of protection, bronze figurines of ancient Chinese soldiers

People figurines, like ancient Chinese soldiers, china and wooden dolls, that is grouped in a small collection, are classic Feng Shui cures and perfect decor accessories for creating good Feng Shui.

It is believed, that Ancient Chinese heroes, fighting with wild animals, or old wise men in clothes decorated with small leather and fur pieces and embroidery, Feng Shui interior decorating and protect people. Small china, wood or bronze figurines help get rid of negative energy, attract positive changes and create good Feng Shui.

Good Feng Shui home decor accessories, china wise man figurines

Animal theme in modern interior decorating, lather and fur furniture and decor accessories are modern trends, that bring attractive, warm and comfortable home furnishings into home interiors and create good Feng Shui. Animal themed decor is an excellent choice for eco friendly interior decorating. Leather and fur furniture and decor accessories are good choices to Feng Shui your home in style.

Living room decorating with fur hide
Pink fur sofa, modern living room furniture design
Fur throw for modern living room decorating
White fur chair seat, modern interior decorating ideas
Fur decor accessories for modern interior decorating

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