Natural Feng Shui Cures to Attract Harmony, Wealth and Health

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how to feng shui for wealth with natural feng shui cures, plants, citrus fruits and aquarium tanks with koi fish

Purple color of violet flowers, centerpiece idea to Feng Shui interior decorating


Natural Feng Shui cures that improve interior decorating and attract harmony into your life are inexpensive and widely available. Oranges and tangerines, for example, are Chinese symbols of wealth and happiness. Green indoor plants, water fountains, aquarium tanks with fish are other ideas to represent symbols of wealth in interior decorating.

Lushome shares simple tips and natural home decorations that you can attractively use to Feng Shui home for wealth. If you prefer to decorate your room with images, than pictures of butterflies, birds, fish and animals can Feng Shui home for wealth also. These pictures bring a natural feel into rooms, connect interior decorating with the natural environment and change the mood in your home, attracting good luck.

Natural Feng Shui cures and images that are inspired by the nature enhance the positive energy flow and Feng Shui home for wealth. The Golden Dragon images on a red background are ancient Chinese symbols of wisdom, energy and positive changes. The golden dragon images Feng Shui homes, it is believed.

Feng Shui home for wealth, good Feng Shui colors and ancient Chinese symbols

Feng Shui home with pets

Natural Feng Shui cures

Creative money tree with tangerines to Feng Shui interior decorating

Citrus fruits in orange color

Citrus fruits in orange color look beautiful in bowls and fruit vases, bringing bright accents into interior decorating and attracting good luck, Chinese Feng Shui practitioners say.

These citrus fruits have a harmonious globe shape. Their golden-orange color reminds of gold and give a dining room or kitchen that bright sunny feel while creating warm and inviting atmosphere in homes.

Staircase decorating with green branches and tangerines
Tangerines in glass vase to Feng Shui kitchen or dining room decor
Juicy orange color of citrus fruits to Feng Shui table decor

Green indoor plants and purple flowers

Green indoor plants, especially plants with round leaves and so called money plants, are strong magnets that attract wealth. Common violets (Saintpaulia) with purple flowers are wonderful Feng Shui cures also.

Animal theme, fur and leather, good Feng Shui interior decorating

Feng Shui homes with aquarium tanks, 25 interior decorating ideas to Feng Shui for wealth

Leaves of green plants and beautiful flowers that remind of coins, especially purple flowers, Feng Shui home for wealth and bring harmony into home decorating.

Traditional Chinese money tree to Feng Shui interior decorating

Money trees and African violets are great for interior decorating. They can dramatically change the mood in your home while adding a natural feel, unique textures, beautiful shapes and fabulous green and violet purple color shades that Feng Shui homes for wealth and health.

Money trees with round leaves to Feng Shui homes

Money trees and purple flowers are great home decorations. They are ancient Chinese symbols of prosperity, wealth, harmony, happiness and health.

Purple color of violet flowers, centerpiece idea to Feng Shui interior decorating
Spring table centerpiece idea with violet flowers, purple color to Feng Shui home for wealth
Violets and tablecloth in purple color to beautify and Feng Shui interior decorating

Aquarium tanks with fish

Fengshui kitchen colors to Feng Shui for wealth and prosperity

Good Feng Shui colors and home decorations to attract wealth

Large and small aquarium tanks with fish are beautiful Feng Shui cures. Koi fish are traditional Chinese Feng Shui cures. Eight golden fish and one black create an ideal combination to Feng Shui home for wealth and attract good luck.

Small cup aquarium with golden koi fish and white river pebbles to Feng Shui interior decorating
Small aquariums with fish and plants

The water flow in your fish tank is associated with the energy flow through your home. The flow brings positive changes ad money. Water has a vital force, the moving water nourishes the environment and Feng Shui homes.

Small wall mounted aquarium tank with fish to Feng Shui room decor
Small aquarium for wall decoration and good Feng Shui

An ideal placement of an aquarium tank with fish is the south- east. Copper and ceramic figurines of koi fish, images and photographs are perfect home decorations to Feng Shui homes and create beautiful Asian decor with these attractive symbols of wealth and prosperity.

Large aquariums to Feng Shui homes

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