Good Feng Shui Colors and Home Decorations to Feng Shui for Wealth

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Ancient Chinese Feng Shui teaches how to attract good luck, wealth and health to homes and people by selecting proper materials and shapes, adding Feng Shui cures to rooms and bringing good Feng Shui colors into home decorating. Lushome shares simple Feng Shui tips and inexpensive Feng Shui cures that symbolize well being, health and harmony, and Feng Shui home for wealth.

Feng Shui for wealth helps attract money and health to your home. You need to find and activate a zone of wealth in your house, apartment or office. The wealth area is located in in a south-east part of your room.

To activate this area and Feng Shui for wealth you need to activate the energy Qi. Good cleaning, decluttering and creating breezy environment is the first step to Feng Shui for wealth. Feng Shui curea, accents in golden or red color increase the effect and beautifully Feng Shui homes.

Butterflies decorations to romanticize and Feng Shui homes

Miniature oriental garden design ideas to Feng Shui homes and yard landscaping

How to Feng Shui for wealth

Golden Chinese coins to Feng Shui for wealth

Chinese symbols of wealth

Clean the room and decorate it with money symbols. Chinese hieroglyph Fu , that symbolizes wealth, prosperity and financial luck, is one of Feng Shui cures that help Feng Shui for wealth. You can buy these home decorations in Chinese stores or make them yourself, saving money on home decorating.

You can draw this Chinese  hieroglyph on an ordinary piece of cardboard using a brush and ink or find it online and print it. The Chinese hieroglyph Fu helps to find material and spiritual blessings. Home decorating with this Chinese sign can influence your character and lifestyle, bringing money, happiness and health.

Feng Shui cures and ancient Chinese symbols of wealth

Three-toed toads holding golden coins

Three-toed toads, sitting on a gem and holding coins are common home decorations that Feng Shui homes. Golden color if the good Feng Shui color to attract wealth. Made of metal, stone or clay, these Feng Shui cures can be expensive, especially jade and onyx carved home decorations. According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, these figures attract money. Also these home decorations bring exotic feel into Asian interior decorating and enrich Asian decor.

Three toed toads with coins to Feng Shui homes

Hotei figurines to Feng Shui for wealth

Smiling Hotei figurines are Chinese symbols of wealth. These home decorations represent the god of prosperity, joy and happiness. The figurines can be made from various materials – stone, clay, metal, but especially precious figures are made of ebony.

Feng Shui home for wealth with bright and open yard landscaping

Metal singing bowls for space clearing and Feng Shui tips to attract good luck

It is recommended to put your Hotei figurine in the southeast corner. You can keep a tiny figurine in your wallet to attract money.

Feng Shui cures, ebony figurines of Hotei
Hotei figurines to Feng Shui homes
Chinese symbols of wealth, Hotei figurines, money trees, Chinese coins

Chinese vases to Feng Shui homes

Chinese vases with golden fruits are beautiful home decorations to Feng Shui home for wealth. These decorative vases and golden accents, oranges and tangerines look great in dining rooms and kitchens. Oranges and tangerines are Chinese symbols of money and harmony. These fruits have harmonious globe shapes, and their golden-orange color reminds of gold.

Chinese vases, home decorations to Feng Shui homes

Golden Chinese coins

Golden Chinese coins are Feng Shui cures that bring money, wealth and abundance. They hang on red ribbons or silk cords and decorated walls in the ​​wealth areas of entryways, bedrooms, kids rooms or offices in China. These home decorations attract good luck and financial success, and Feng Shui for wealth.

Wind chimes with Chinese coins to Feng Shui homes
Chinese bells and golden coins, red accents to Feng Shui homes

Accents in red color to Feng Shui homes

Red color is powerful and dynamic. Home decorations, furnishings or accent wall design with red color energize interior decorating and stimulate the flow of the energy through home interiors. Red color accents, when used in moderation, enhance interior decorating with bold details, enrich interior decorating schemes with good Feng Shui color and help Feng Shui home for wealth.

Dining room decorating with Chinese case, figurines, red lamps and flowers, Feng Shui tips for dining room design
Entryway design with red accent wall
Accent wall design with red flowers, creative Feng Shui tips for modern living rooms

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