Miniature Japanese Garden Design to Feng Shui Homes and Yard Landscaping

japanese garden design ideas

Japanese garden design with a small pond

Miniature Japanese garden design brings the oriental feeling into your outdoor home spaces and Feng Shui your backyard or front yard landscaping in creating and elegant style. Miniature Japanese garden design embraces the ideal of nature, so keeping your garden design as natural as possible and avoiding to include yard decorations or plants that can disrupt this natural feel are main elements of creating a gorgeous oriental garden.

Square and rectangular-shaped ponds, straight lines and ideal geometric shapes are difficult to find in nature. the Japanese concept of balance recreates large landscapes in small spaces. As a miniature garden design, the Japanese landscaping includes rocks, sand, plants and flowers, water features and garden decorations. Japanese garden design concept is the representation of mountains, lakes, ocean and forest in miniaturized style.  Less is more is the main principle of Japanese garden design that reflect the minimalist style.

Empty spaces are an important element of Japanese garden design. The empty space creates balance, Feng Shui homes and yard landscaping ideas. You start with having nothing, and then build your garden. The uniqueness and natural essence of every element in an oriental garden add charm to Japanese garden design and create amazingly attractive outdoor living spaces that are balanced, aesthetically appealing and tranquil.

Miniature Japanese garden design and yard landscaping ideas

Japanese garden design with a small pond

The maturity and originality, strengthen by time bring unique yard decorations and create stunning, meaningful and elegant accents into landscaping ideas in Japanese style. A cement lantern that looks antique, a rock covered with moss that displays unique shape are great for accentuating Japanese garden design and create the balance.

Japanese garden plants and flowers

Azaleas add their lush foliage and fresh feel to an oriental garden design. In a combination with the small pond they create an impressive display, adding brilliant colors of fall leaves to yard landscaping and giving more depth to a Japanese garden design in winter.

Miniature tree and beach stones

Oriental garden enclosures

An oriental garden is a microcosm of nature. Garden that are set apart from the outside world create peaceful and secluded retreats that Feng Shui homes and yard landscaping ideas with harmonious and quiet atmosphere. Fences and gates are symbolic and decorative elements of oriental garden design that separate gardens from the busy world.

Rocks in Japanese gardens, building rock garden, backyard designs

Tsukubai water fountains, Japanese garden design ideas

Creating beautiful backyard landscaping inspired by oriental garden design

Simple fences and screen with plants that create private and cozy small spaces are great ideas to Feng Shui homes and yard landscaping ideas, creating pleasant and tranquil places for rest. Fences can feature windows or be attached to a wall showing only garden from a house window.

Wooden deck around a small pond and water garden

Japanese garden atmosphere

Japanese rock gardens, landscaping ideas, oriental garden design

Fantastic ceramic and moss art inspired by Japanese rock gardens

11 Feng Shui garden design tips and backyard landscaping ideas

Japanese garden design is a subtle place full of surprises, peculiarities and contradictions. When building a Japanese garden, you can brake rules and challenge oriental garden design traditions that hold little meaning for you. Japanese garden design is about personality and private small spaces where your will feel calm, balanced and happy.

Moss wall with window
Wooden garden bench and moss wall

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