Fantastic Ceramic and Moss Art Inspired by Japanese Rock Gardens

japanese garden design
Japanese garden design with moss growing on a ceramic decoration



Each ceramic and moss art piece show coexistence and harmony of a flattened spherical form, ranging from one to four feet in diameter. A water drop like art works are created with live green moss. Ceramic pieces are perforated with small holes, in which the artist plants moss.

Amazing ceramic and moss art pieces grow in the shade and mist, showing elegant integration of ceramics and horticulture for natural landscaping design by Mineo Mizuno.  The artist enjoys traditional ceramic work, adding a fresh touch to creating natural outdoor decorations for harmonious landscaping design.

Ceramic and Moss art is meditative and elegant, pushing boundaries and creating unorthodox, unusual and surprising landscaping design with a flavor of tranquil and natural Japanese gardens. Ceramics represent rocks, stability and timeless elegance.

Fabulous ceramic and moss garden decorations and art objects

Japanese garden design with moss growing on a ceramic decoration

The love of nature and creative crafts can be elegantly expressed in the combination of symbolic dead ceramic frames and alive, growing in a variety of shapes planted moss. Ceramic shapes are reminiscent of rocks in Japanese garden design. Covered with growing moss, they are changed while staying meaningful.

Ceramic and moss decorations are perfect for Japanese garden design,  adding fresh green color, different textures and intricate shapes into natural landscaping ideas. Moss is a great material for decorating gardens in natural style. These plants require little maintenance and are ideal for northern shady garden designs.

Japanese garden design with unique living decorations

Moss is not afraid of humidity and temperature changes. It just need fresh clean air to survive. Garden decorations and sculptures made of moss look beautiful ad unique, creating fantastic garden design in natural style.

Rocks in Japanese gardens, building rock garden and backyard designs

Japanese rock gardens, landscaping ideas and oriental garden design

Tsukubai water fountains, Japanese garden design ideas

Artistic garden decorations with moss, designed by Mineo Mizuno, look amazing, creating connection between traditions and modern lifestyle and symbolizing life. Outdoor fountains made with ceramic and moss are called teardrops, because they look like water drops. They provide elegant and beautiful garden decorations for outdoor living spaces.

Japanese garden design with a small pond and growing moss sculpture
Unique garden decorations, teardrops outdoor fountains made of ceramic

  by Ena Russ   

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