Summer Home Decorating Ideas Inspired by Rustic Simplicity of Canadian Cottages

modern cottage decorating ideas


Summer home decorating ideas inspired by relaxing and beautiful Canadian cottages blend wood and stone with nautical decor and light neutral colors emphasizing spectacular views of the Northern forests, rivers and lakes. Summer home decorating ideas and furnishings of Muskoka cottages are about simple color palette, rustic wood, natural stone, handmade crafts and water, – white Adirondack chairs, nautical linens and wooden beams are woven together into peaceful and elegant interior decorating enhanced by serene lake vistas.

Classic summer home decorating ideasĀ  can be reinterpreted in a fresh way adding a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of unique Canadian cottages to your cottage or home. Traditional natural materials and neutral colors will transform rooms into gorgeous and tranquil retreats inspired by the retro-modern Canadian summer style.

Old wood en beams and wall shelves along the perimeter of a room creates a distinct look and provides large storageĀ  spaces for displays and book collections. Wooden furniture, a country-style screen door and a pair of wicker rocking chairs add authenticity and a unique vintage feel to interior decorating ideas. Indoor plants and green centerpieces bring the organic feel and beautify rooms.

Canadian cottage decor style

Rustic wood, stone fireplace and cowhide rugs, combined with white decorating ideas

Neutral colors combined with colorful decorating accents create a surprising effect. A flea-market collection of artwork, crafts, old books and graphic textiles add charm to wonderful interior decorating in Muskoka cottage style. Handmade crafts, twig furniture and home decorating accessories, like a leather and twig stool, wicker jugs and earthy mixing bowls inject natural texture and add organic design to interior decorating. Neutral and brown colors, combined with white decorating ideas create stunning contrasts and make bright interiors feel welcoming and fresh.

Rustic simplicity, natural materials, light neutral colors and brown color shades, mixed with contemporary decorating accents and lighting fixtures, give a modern and sophisticated look to the traditional Canadian cottage decor style. The dining room with traditional wooden furniture, combined with rustic wood bench, wicker fishing traps and unique pendant lights maintains the essence of traditional Muskoka style in a modern, elegant and interesting way.

Classy and elegant Canadian cottage decorating style enhanced by spectacular views

Modern dining furniture and unique pendant lights look fantastic in traditional wooden rooms and add a sculptural touch and a contemporary flair to traditional clean-lined spaces created with wood. Surrounded by water and trees, Canadian cottage decor offers unique places to entertain, relax and enjoy the gorgeous Northern vistas.

Sustainable home design from Canadian architects, modern houses for green living

Canadian house designs

A symmetry add organization to modern interior decorating. Paired windows, sofas, coffee tables, chairs, handmade crafts and green centerpieces enhance home decorating ideas with symmetry and add calmness to living spaces. Salvaged wood pieces, old ceiling beams, cowhide rugs, striped and zebra prints, combined with brown color shades and white decorating ideas look cheerful, adding a playful and fun accents to traditional rustic rooms with a touch of modern decor.

Unique centerpieces and handmade crafts to accentuate interior decorating in cottage style

White paint colors for the walls and ceiling brighten the old wood cottage style, creating ideal, comfortable and cozy interior decorating ideas for summer retreats. Large wall mirrors decorated with tiny seashells can add an exotic centerpiece to interior decorating. Vintage furniture, neutral colors and original designs create bold, bright and unique rooms, accentuated with handmade crafts, paintings or retro clocks.

Canadian home with dramatic view terraces

Movable beach cottage, unique house design

Wood ceiling designs, salvaged wood beams and antlers on the wall, combined with white paint colors and brown color shades of wicker trunks, chairs, metal and wood furniture bring a touch of wilderness into modern interior decorating, creating light and warm home interiors that are simple, family friendly and very attractive.

Simple and elegant bedroom decorating ideas

Light window curtains provide privacy and maximize views of fabulous Northern forests, rivers and lakes. Rustic simplicity and clean lines, natural materials and traditional interior decorating ideas, combined with exotic home accents, antiques and unique pieces, feel contemporary and classy.

Romantic retreat converted old masonry building into exotic cottages

Modern cottage design trends creating open multifunctional eco friendly home interiors

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