Fengshui Kitchen Colors, Feng Shui for Wealth and Prosperity

feng shui for wealth kitchen colors decorating ideas

Traditional Chinese coins with red ribbon, Feng Shui cures, decorations to fengshui kitchen design

To feng shui for wealth is not only about attracting money in Chinese feng shui home design philosophy. Fengshui kitchen colors and traditional feng shui cures improve health also. Wealth and prosperity area is located in the South-East part of your home and in the rear left corner of each room, bathroom or kitchen.  Clean, organized and decluttered area of wealth and good feng shui kitchen colors improve financial situation, health and family relationships.

Good feng shui color, used for kitchen decorating, – wall tiles, wallpaper patterns, paint colors, furniture and storage cabinets, fabrics and wall decorations positively affect people, attract good luck and bring more wealth into modern homes. Purple and golden interior decorating colors are traditionally associated with wealth. Green color shades symbolize growth and life. Green colors are great for relaxing and modern kitchen design.

Blue and black kitchen colors are good choices to feng shui kitchen decor. Brown and green kitchen color shades and combination are symbols of health and vitality. Natural wood kitchen cabinets, dining furniture and decorating accessories, combined with green curtains, upholstery fabric, towels or utensils, attract abundance, wealth and prosperity.

Brown and yellow kitchen colors that fengshui kitchen design

The element of Earth brings stability with comfortable brown kitchen colors, natural wood tones of kitchen cabinets and dining furniture, golden, beige and pleasant yellow wallpaper patterns, wall tiles or paint colors.

White and silver kitchen colors

White, gray and silver kitchen colors create neutral and elegant decor, helping fengshui kitchen design. Modern wallpaper patterns, decals, wall paint colors or wall tiles in whites and gray shades feng shui for wealth.

Feng Shui color meaning
Year of rabbit, feng shui color schemes

Water element colors to feng shui for wealth

Black kitchen colors can be used to attract power to your home, which can be associated with wealth. Blue kitchen colors work well with brown and green tones in modern wallpaper patterns, wall tile and painting ideas that fengshui kitchen design, attracting peaceful and pleasant changes.

Purple and red colors of wealth

Purple, gold and red are fengshui kitchen colors that bring dynamic energy into kitchen decor or any other room design. Especially dark purple and bright red wallpaper patterns, wall tiles, paint and fabrics should be used carefully and only for accents. Small items in purple, gold or red colors help feng shui home for wealth.

Red-pink and orange wallpaper patterns, wall tiles, decals, kitchen cabinets or wall painting ideas should not be used for kitchen decorating. Red is the color of fire. Red and orange kitchen decorating ideas are too warm and can provoke arguing and fights, good feng shui experts say.

Red, orange and bright red-pink wallpaper patterns, wall paint colors, tiles, curtains and upholstery fabrics interfere with the flow of energy and peaceful atmosphere that feng shui a home for wealth. Mixing kitchen colors (red and orange) of Fire Element with Wood element (brown and green) interior decorating colors,) that can be destroyed by Fire, creates overwhelming kitchen design.

Feng shui cures

Three traditional Chinese I Ching gold coins, tied with a red ribbon, red and orange fruits or small candles add red and orange colors to kitchen decor and fengshui kitchen design for wealth and prosperity. (Kitchen feng shui for wealth and prosperity)

Feng shui color combination for kitchen decor

Feng shui colors for modern kitchen design can be not bright, but stylish and contemporary. Calming and relaxing, soft pastel color shades are modern interior design trends and good feng shui color choices for modern kitchen design.

White, light green and blue, turquoise and green-blue color combination create airy atmosphere and feng shui kitchen design. Black, dark brown, green and blue color shades, combined with neutral or monochromatic light kitchen colors stimulate the energy flow and feng shui kitchen interiors, attracting wealth.

Yellow-green color schemes
White-green color schemes for kitchen design

Chinese feng shui experts suggest to harmonize modern kitchen decorating with wallpaper patterns or wall tiles in light green colors.
Home decorating with green color
Kitchen decorating ideas, green paint colors and wall tiles
Soft yellow-green wall paint colors and kitchen furnishings, light blue, beige and gray kitchen decorating fabrics and patterns add harmony into modern kitchen design and fengshui kitchen interiors for wealth and health.

  by Ena Russ   

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