Wall Decor Ideas, Decorating with Ordinary Frames for Exceptional Look

recycling old paper for handmade butterflies decorations

Wall decorating with paper crafts, handmade butterflies decorations recycling old paper


Our homes are full of small and large frames. Metal frames and wooden frames, paper frames and plastic frames, – every frame has the potential of turning into an exceptional wall decoration. Creative and simple, these wall decorations can adorn modern interiors and help declutter homes. If you can collect a few wood picture frames, (frames sizes do not matter), you can create a fabulous collection of various wooden frames for unique wall decor.

Mixing different frame shapes, colors, materials and sizes is modern trend in home decorating ideas. Grouped together, picture frames look great and beautifully decorate empty walls. You can turn an old or cheap picture frame into a custom made wall decoration with stylish stripes or floral patterns, creating cheap and modern wall decor for your rooms.

You can create black and white room decor, painting frames white and black, or add another color accent. Matching interior design colors brighten up black and white decorating and create cheerful room decor. Painting wooden frames and hanging frames in various colors on the wall are the unusual way of wall decorating that can bring life to your boring empty wall and spruce up interior decorating.

Wall decorating with frames

Black frames in various sizes on blue wall, contrasting wall decor ideas
Empty wall decoration with black frames created with wall stickers

Modern wall decorating ideas and frames colors

Light art frames can brighten up the darkest room decor and create a new stylish look in no time. Wall decorating with a single large art frame is a way to create an elegant wall decoration for your room. The large size and color contrast will add personality to your empty wall.

You can group wood picture frames, light with dark, black and white with colorful, creating wall decoration that looks interesting, unusual and bright. You can leave portrait frames empty or make a collage of picture frames, and fill the empty spaces with your favorite photographs.

Decorating with empty picture frames in various sizes and shapes, modern wall decor ideas
Wooden frames in various sizes and colors for bedroom decorating

Wall decorating with frames in various shapes

Cheap photo frames in different shapes, – round and oval frames, rectangular and square frames, can be grouped together for unique, creative and beautiful wall decoration. You can fix a wooden letter inside of each frame or write a meaningful word on the wall while decorating your empty wall in elegant style.

Modern wall decorating ideas, wall stickers, decals and vinyl art

Frames in various shapes look even better together, if you use contrasting paint colors for frames, creating bold, surprising and contemporary wall decorating. Bright and colorful wall decor ideas look gorgeous and cheerful, and unique frame arrangements add interest to modern interior decorating.

Modern wall decorating with wallpaper and frame in vintage style
Wooden letters and frames in various shapes, sizes and colors for modern wall decoration

Wall decorating with frames, paint and wallpaper

You can use wallpaper and paint to create unusual frames for your empty wall decorating. You can paint a fake frame on the wall around one of the frames or around each frame. Think about different paint colors for each fake frame, exploring contrasting or monochromatic color schemes.

Decorating empty walls with clutter

Painting ideas in neutral colors look classy and elegant. Colorful wall decor ideas will fill your room with energy. Choose the color and size of your artwork that matches your home decorating style, and paint the rest of the wall neutral color which creates an attractive contrast and emphasizes the artistic and unique wall decoration.

Frames with butterflies decorations for modern wall decor
Wall decorating with paper crafts, handmade butterflies decorations recycling old paper

Wall decorating with frames and light shadows

You can place frames at some distance from the wall for creating a unique effect with light and shadows. Small lighting fixtures, placed inside empty frames are great contemporary wall decoration ideas.

Modern wall tile designs in eco style

You can arrange another frame at some distance from the wall and from the fist frame, about 4 inches or 10 cm, and see how your wall decorating changes during the day and at night. Any creative composition made with a few picture frames and small lights look unusual, innovative and exciting, adding simple, beautiful and modern accent wall to interior decorating.

Modern wall decorating with picture frames and lights
Modern wall decorating ideas in vintage style

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