Decorating Empty Walls with Clutter and Creative Recycling Ideas

living room wall decorating with ties
Wall decorating with ties



Walls are significant elements of interior design. However, decorating empty walls is not an easy task, and finding the perfect wall decorating ideas helps design beautiful and modern home interiors with unique character and charm. Home organizing and creative recycling ideas help eliminate clutter and find beautiful items that clutter homes until they make excellent, attractive, and modern wall decor.

Home decorating ideas with clutter and recycled crafts look personal, engaging, and spontaneous. Whether you are looking for wall decor items for your urban place, summer cottage, or office, it is a good idea to clear the clutter out of your living spaces and think about recycling useless items. Before buying new wall decorations, consider ideas for recycled crafts, and use handmade decorations for a modern wall design.

Pay attention to items that clutter your home, be creative, and you will find unique wall decor accents and ideas for interior decorating with clutter. Notice interesting old things while clearing clutter out, and you will be surprised how many great items can make wall decorations. In addition, recycling ideas and recycled crafts are an excellent way to save money on interior decorating and create a fabulous, pleasant, and clutter-free home.

Empty wall decorating with paint and creative recycled crafts

Reclaimed wood wall decor, fake fireplace wall decorating

Of course, you can paint your empty walls and create a bright room decorating with stylish stripes or colorful geometric patterns. You can use abstract or graphic wallpaper patterns and trendy wall paint color. New decals and modern wall stickers create impressive murals, but recycling ideas that help eliminate clutter can turn into contemporary wall artworks. Recycled crafts and wall decoration with mess are much more interesting interior decorating ideas.

Empty wall decorating with globes, recycled crafts in retro style

Decorating rooms with clutter, recycling clutter for unique accents are cheap ideas. A large item or a bunch of smaller ones that you turn into attractive wall decor are as effective as painting your wall. These projects dramatically change home interiors.

Decorating empty wall surfaces with hats, recycling clutter for wall artworks

Wall decorating mistakes to avoid

Too often, people make the mistake of using too many objects for wall decorating. Framed artworks and photographs on the empty walls look fabulous without filling open wall space. It feels logical and natural to fill up the empty wall space while decorating your room, but this is great just for painting ideas.

Mural painting ideas for stylish decorating

Decorating empty walls with ordinary frames

When you use clutter for creating recycled crafts and artworks for modern wall decoration, concentrate on the central parts of your empty wall. As interior decorating experts would do, visually draw a rectangle, triangle, or a circle on the bare wall and fill it with collected clutter, recycled crafts, or useless items.

Decorating empty walls with pans, organizing kitchen storage

Small wall tapestries, old sayings, picture frames, hats, keys, ties, or even broken parts of furniture or appliances that create clutter in your home are great for creative, unusual, and modern wall decorating. You can hang one large or a few small wall artworks that clutter your closet, right in the middle of your empty wall, or create crafts recycling home clutter.

Wall decorating with ties, creative wall decor recycling clutter

Wall decorating with small items

Carved wood wall paneling, contemporary room decorating

Thinking of room decor before buying an aquarium

Small items create the biggest clutter problems. But, you can use small objects, grouping them, and decorating your living room, kitchen, kids’ rooms, or bathrooms in a creative and surprising style. For example, small home decor items arranged close to each other following a specific pattern make an attractive, significant, and unique wall decoration without getting lost on an empty wall.

Twigs hooks on a red wall, entryway design with wooden bench and handmade wall decorations

Empty wall decorating with one item

Getting rid of clutter is convenient, inexpensive, and essential for fresh interior decorating or home staging for sale. A large item or a group of small ones that are cleaned, refreshed, refinished or painted, and used for wall decorating, can help create clutter-free homes with original, innovative, and impressive wall decor in every room. In addition, you may find unique old items that can be used for interior decorating and save money on home decorations while creating contemporary, unique and modern wall decor of clutter.

Creative and colorful kitchen wall decorating idea
Recycling old keys and locks for unique wall decor

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