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Clutter lives in every home



When you stop paying attention to home organization, clutter immediately appears and settles in the house. Accumulation of many cute items and then spending time for organizing your home storage spaces, closets shelves and cabinets drawers are pointless, but the process of collecting useless things and then organizing them occurs gradually and inexorably, sometimes making organizing your closets and cabinets seem an almost impossible task.

Even small items take your living space from you. Cluttered homes are dusty and unappealing. Life in organized homes is much easier and more pleasant. Regular clearing the clutter out, staging a functional living environment and organizing your closets, shelves and cabinets drawers create more comfortable and attractive lifestyle.

Maybe you do not do anything to clutter your home. Maybe you have good home organization. Hidden useless things live in your well organized home, and your life will not worsen after getting rid of them.

Home staging and decluttering

Clutter lives in every home

To declutter your home play the Clutter Hunt game and create free space for you to enjoy. Looking for old useless things, clearing the clutter from your rooms and sending it out of the house help visually increase your rooms sizes and decorate your home in elegant style.

Organizing your home storage and finding a place to hide used or useless things is not what you need. Getting rid of all you do not use gives you larger rooms right away, before you even start organizing your home storage spaces.

Collecting useless things in boxes, bins and bags and hiding them on shelves, in drawers, under beds, table tops or in the garage does not mean you are getting rid of clutter and are ready for effective and functional home organization.

Instead of clearing the clutter from the house you are wasting your time and effort, rearranging and organizing your items, useless gifts or old clothing you never wear. Only getting rid of clutter creates more living space and changes your lifestyle.

Expired medicine is a common clutter item

Before organizing your storage

Decluttering is an important part of home staging to sell a house fast for good money or home staging for creating everyday comfort. Home stagers and professional organizers make the process of getting rid of old and useless things easier, developing a personal strategy for organizing your closets and cabinets.

They help declutter your storage shelves, suggest inexpensive ways to decorate your rooms with existing accessories for creating light home interiors and more comfortable lifestyle. (Creative kids room decorating with clutter)

Whether you do great organizing your storage or live with messy shelves, home staging to sell your house or home staging for everyday comfort help improve your home interiors and create functional rooms and organized storage. (Creative ways for empty wall decorating with clutter)


Clutter takes a lot of space

Decide when and where you start to declutter your home storage cabinets, closets and shelves. Then think how long it should take. You can collect and clear the clutter from one room daily or weekly until you are getting rid of all useless things completely.

You should schedule a short period of time for getting rid of clutter and organizing your storage. A timer helps you stay motivated and continue.

Even 5 min a day help declutter your home dramatically, if you clear the clutter from your rooms regularly for organizing your storage shelves and cabinets. (Using old items for home decoration and wall decorating ideas with frames)

The clutter hunt game

Prepare bags, large baskets, buckets or boxes, turn your favorite music on and start sorting your stuff, looking for useless things that clutter your life. If you think you don’t have clutter at home, check the list of common useless items that may clutter your home, just in case you can find something and participate in getting rid of clutter game.

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