Organize Cable Clutter and Forget Where Sockets Are Using Retractable Extension Cords

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Organized cables help create attractive, neat and pleasant home interiors. A safe and productive working environment in home offices or craft rooms requires good cable organization. Electric cords add an unattractive cluttered look to rooms and collect unhealthy dust. It is hard to design beautiful, inviting and light living spaces without efficient home organization, hiding cables on the walls or under desktops.

Electric cables make rooms looks messy. To design a free of clutter home, you can start with organizing your electrical cords, extension cords, and power cables and hide them behind appliances, TVs, computers or under desktops in an attractive and creative way. However, hiding cables does not solve the problem of cluttered homes, – dusty rooms collect unhealthy bacteria. Lushome shares smart ideas for using retractable extension cords to minimize the effect and turning dirty and cluttered rooms into organized and clean living spaces.

Here are interesting storage ideas for electric wires which allow hiding cables inside the walls or compact plastic containers. The modern approach to cable storage helps get rid of clutter and dust while attractively organizing home interiors. A built-in wire storage unit is convenient. It allows pulling the cable for moving appliances, lamps or computer desks. After work, the storage units hide cables in the walls. A long power cord works as an extension cord with a socket. The wire storage unit has a safety cover and looks like an ordinary electric socket.

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Retractable electric cable

Built-in wall retractable cord

The electric wire storage unit features a simple design. It offers more flexibility for room decorating and staging home interiors for sale. The storage unit has two sockets and allows organizing home cables neatly while moving room furniture, decor accessories, and lamps. The double socket connector covers the power cord when it is not used. The wire storage design is safe even for young kids.

The built-in retractable electric cable design is safer than power cords which create clutter on the floor. The built-in storage ideas are helpful for seasonal home decorating and outdoor projects. The retractable extension cord is practical and very convenient for organizing and hiding cables.

The retractable extension cord is useful for changing room furniture placement, moving items for a party, holiday decorating and home staging. Easy repositioning of decor accessories or home appliances, computers or lamps is another plus. Often there are no extension cords at hand when it is necessary to move furniture or lighting. Cable pulling mechanisms and built-in the wall storage solutions solve these problems quickly.

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The built-in wire storage unit with the retractable cable connection is great for decluttering, organizing and space saving interior decorating. The simple and neat built-in design allows placing home furnishings, especially lighting fixtures, appliances, TV sets and computers anywhere in the room, away from the wall sockets, and create attractive, comfortable and organized interiors.

The built-in wire storage unit with a retractable extension cord can be useful in any room, in your garage or kitchen. It is handy for rearranging home office furniture, moving TVs, table or floor lamps in living rooms and creating new layouts. The retractable extension cords help organize cables and declutter spaces. It is easy to try various interior decorating ideas and experiment with furniture placement and new lighting design.

Built-in retractable extension cord for electric cables, creative home organization ideas

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A retractable power cord in the garage is more convenient than ordinary extension cords. A built-in wall extension cord is a superb idea for indoor and outdoor projects. It is nice if you can take small electrical appliances, the TV or your computer and use them outdoors in summer.

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You can hide a retractable extension cord in the wall and keep you home interiors and outdoor living spaces neat and beautiful. Convenient and simple, the built-in the wall wire storage unit offers a practical and space saving design for organizing home cables, improving interior decorating and home staging, and creating clutter-free homes.

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