11 Home Staging Tips, Attractive Bathroom Decorating

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Spa accessories, luxurious bathroom decorating ideas and home staging tips


Bathrooms are important rooms for selling a house. Clean and inviting, light and airy bathroom decor have the hotel luxury charm that people enjoy. Spa-like modern bathroom design makes potential buyers fall in love with your home, while outdated bathroom decorating ideas or worn fixtures make a buyer continue looking for a better place to live.

Staging home interiors include cleaning all rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms and keeping them clean despite regular use. Changing dated bathroom decor accessories and fixtures, and using modern decorating ideas to create spacious and pleasant look are parts of preparing your house for a quick and profitable sale. (Staging home interiors, small bathroom decorating ideas)

New materials and fixtures are wonderful for home staging and bathroom re-decorating. Modern glass shower enclosures, spa tubs and vanity sinks are what prospective buyers want to see. Contemporary lighting fixtures, floor and wall tiles, storage space, fresh feel and spacious look create functional and modern bathrooms design that pleases potential buyers also. (Staging home interiors, fresh air and light scents)

Home staging tips for bathroom decorating

1. The quickest way to refresh bathroom’s interior is to select popular decor colors. Light tones work well for spacious bathroom decorating and home staging.

2. Light wall paint colors or tile designs, attractive accessories and modern fixtures, comfortable storage ideas and pleasant home staging scents create modern bathrooms design and universal appeal that help sell your home faster for more money. (Paint colors for home staging)

3. The floor and all surfaces should look clean and fresh. It is important to make small repairers and thoroughly clean the space, preparing a house for sale. All fixtures should look like new, and the room should be light and airy.

4. If the floor, bathtub, shower, faucets, vanity, shelves and small decorating accessories are damaged or look dated, they should be replaced before buyers or real estate agents see a house. The floor, small storage shelves, faucets, fixtures and all accessories should be impeccably clean.

5. Green house plants and fresh flowers are an attractive home staging trend that supports eco-style decorating ideas. Interior decorating with maranta plant creates pleasant green decor and Feng Shui bathroom interior.

Also English ivy and fern plants are attractive choices for modern bathroom decorating and home staging. (Feng Shui home, bathroom decorating secrets)

6. A chair or a bench improve small bathroom design and add more comfort. If there is no space for a comfortable chair, a small, simple stool, arranged under the sink, works well for creating functional and modern bathrooms design.

7. A contemporary towel warmer creates a spa-like atmosphere, adding a luxurious accent to modern bathroom design and helping sell the house quicker for more money.

8. Non-matching or extra towels and accessories should be packed away to create free-of-clutter, spacious and neat bathroom decorating and home staging design. One or two new towels in light neutral colors look elegant in a small bathroom.

9. Simple towel warmers and new white towels make bathroom decorating ideas look not only functional and comfortable but elegant and luxurious. (Bath accessories for luxury bathroom decorating and home staging)

10. A towel set in any light color works well for spacious and bright bathroom decor and staging a home for sale. Only new especially bought for home staging, towels should be used for bathroom decorating when prospective buyers are visiting a house.

11. Spa-like accessories are great bathroom decorating ideas that can transform even small bathrooms into peaceful and welcoming retreats.

Scented soaps, natural oils, candles and spa accessories, related to water and nature, green plants and shells bring soft decorating colors and make bathroom decorating ideas feel tranquil and eco-friendly.

Home staging tips for quick home sale

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