20 Modern Ideas and Tips for Interior Decorating with Dressing Tables

Modern interior decorating ideas blend traditions with contemporary comfort and functionality. Dressing tables are wonderful furniture items that allow to improve comfortable room design and add more beauty to interior decorating or home staging. Lushome shares tips and modern ideas for attractive furniture placement and interior decorating with a dressing table. Dressing tables, invented centuries ago, are important items in…

22 Modern Entryway Ideas for Well Organized Small Spaces

Modern entryway ideas help organize storage and create attractive small spaces. Entryway designing and decorating sets the mood for house viewing and add a neat touch to the home environment, beautifying home staging. Lushome shares 22 functional and modern entryway ideas for organizing and decorating small entryways and spacious foyers. Entryway designs, especially small room designs, are the easiest interior…

Home Staging Tips for Small Entryway Storage and Organization

Entryway designs require good storage and organization. A large foyer or entryway room with lots of storage space or a small portion of a hallway in a tiny apartment look beautiful and inviting when the space is well organized and free of clutter. Lushome shares a few home staging tips for entryway storage spaces and home organization. Good storage and…

Modern Apartment Ideas, Space Saving Interior Design with Balcony Bathroom and Laundry Room

Space saving interior design ideas offer clever and original solutions for those who can afford the expensive services and for those who want to redesign existing rooms and maximize living spaces without spending lots of money. Modern interior design is an art that changes living spaces and adds beauty to any home while personalizing rooms. Lushome presents a unique interior…

Using Washing Machine for Cleaning Many Surprising Things in Your Home

Washing machines are great home appliances for cleaning clothes and many other things quickly, easily and effortlessly. There are many household items, snickers and home decorations made with fabrics or plastic can be toss in washing machines also. Modern laundry machines feature energy saving and water saving design, and help save time and money while cleaning many items. Many made…

20 Smart Laundry Room Design Ideas and Tips for Functional Decorating

Laundry room design is a very important part of comfortable, functional and beautiful house designs. Laundry room ideas can be inspired by decorating small rooms to create bright and comfortable home interiors. A large laundry room design is a luxurious addition to modern homes, but more often a laundry room is small and does not have a window. Still these…

15 Spectacular Front Door Design Ideas and Tips for Selecting Exterior Doors

Front door design style and color improve curb appeal and add fabulous accents to modern house designs and home in vintage style.¬† Front door design ideas in many various styles help to find the front door that is perfect for each house. There are customized front door designs and stylish outdoor paint colors that allow to personalize the entrance and…

15 Modern Entryway Ideas Bringing Console Tables into Small Rooms

Console tables are great pieces for modern foyer decorating. Large and small console tables look elegant and personalize rooms. Lushome shares 15 simple and modern entryway ideas integrating console tables into small entryway designs and creating beautiful home interiors, comfortable and inviting. Large foyer decorating needs a beautiful console table. Small entryways can benefit from adding a console table with…

30 DIY Tree Coat Racks Personalizing Entryway Ideas with Inspiring Designs

Tree-shaped coat racks are great for modern interior decorating. Made of wood or tree branches, these storage furniture pieces bring unique accents and romantic feel into entryway designs, and decorate kids rooms in playful and interesting style. Any mudroom or front entryway design will benefit from creative storage furniture items that come in bright colors and simple, but elegant tree…

30 Front Door Ideas and Paint Colors for Exterior Wood Door Decoration or Home Staging

Your home front door decoration is an important element of modern house exterior design and home staging. Exterior doors and especially your front door can make or break a sale. Prospective buyers may get discouraged and past a home that has a dingy front door. An attractive front door and pleasant exterior wood door paint colors help create a beautiful…

25 Laundry Room Ideas, 10 Laundry Room Decoration and Organizing Tips

Laundry room design is about functionality. Decorating laundry room improves mood and make chores more pleasant. Good organization and ergonomic design ideas make tasks feel easy and help you do your laundry quick and effortlessly. Laundry room ideas are inexpensive and personal. Laundry rooms are small rooms or a part of a mud room, which keeps clothes clean. Decorating a…

Recover Coat Rack with Hooks for Umbrellas, Green Design Idea for Watering Indoor Plants

ReCOVER coat rack with hooks for jackets, hats and umbrellas is a creative green design idea that saves water and electricity on watering indoor plants while keeping an entryway floor dry and safe. Ideal to use in wet climates, the coat rack design is simple and elegant, blending functionality with green living ideas. Made of wood and a plant container,…

20 Laundry Room Ideas to Spruce Up Small Spaces with Color and Good Organization

Organizing laundry room ideas help spruce up your interior design by bringing colorful storage containers and painting walls or cabinets bright color shades. A compact combination of washer-and-dryer helps transform a very small laundry room into a comfortable working area and maximize space in a laundry room even more by selecting stacking washers and dryers. A hanging bar with hangers…

Geometric Clothes Storage Racks from Canadian Designers

These unique and surprising clothes storage racks are created by a design firm +tongtong, based in Toronto, Canada. The company develops dynamic objects for people, offering unexpected and innovative items for interior decorating that create phenomenal experiences and enrich modern interior design. The geometric garment rack design ideas explore a meaningful relationship between people and innovative, unusual but functional decor….

15 Gorgeous Entryway Designs and Tips for Entryway Decorating

Entryway is the first room that people see when they come into your home. Entryway designs tell a lot about home owners. Visitors can judge your home decorating in no time by what they experience in your entryway. Attractive and modern entryway decorating ideas help create a pleasant first impression and set the tight mood for viewing the rest of…

Wooden Stairs with Painted Stripes Updating Interior Design in Creative Style

Decorating¬† staircases with stripes is a creative way to update your interior design, balance staircase design visually changing its proportions or create optical illusions that make these small spaces more interesting and unique. Stripes are great decoration patterns that dramatically change staircase design and look universally attractive. Painting stripes is a fun project that adds personality to any staircase design….

Adding Beautiful Wallpapers to Stairs Risers for Original Staircase Designs

Beautiful wallpapers with geometric, abstract or floral patterns are excellent for decorating staircases in a unique and creative style. Staircase designs are challenging for decorating, and many people leave stairs bare. The collection of interesting staircase decorating ideas¬† is for those who choose to use staircases to make statements. Adding beautiful wallpapers to staircase designs create interesting stairs risers, enrich…

Washing Clothes while Execising with Hula Washer, Energy Saving Green Idea

Hula Washer is an energy saving hula hoop for washing clothes while exercising. The Hula Washer promises to keep you fit, while saving your money on electrical bills, as long as you wash your clothes in Hula Washer

Flip Down Window Blinds, Space Saving Laundry Room Ideas

Flip down blinds Blindry makes drying laundry simple enough without taking additional space in small rooms. Flip down blinds are wonderful small room idea, offering a multitasking window blinds. Flip down window blinds

15 Beautiful Staircase Designs, Stairs in Modern Interior Design

Beautiful staircase designs are true decorations for modern homes, townhouses and two or three floor apartments. Traditional wooden staircase designs and contemporary glass stairs are exquisite elements

Innovative Washing Machine Orbit, Eco Friendly Products and Green Technology for Modern Homes

Eco friendly products, including home appliances, water and energy saving design ideas offer new ways of supporting and enjoying green living concepts. A new washing machine from Elie Ahovi is a conceptual home

Washing Machine for Small Spaces, Modern Space Saving Home Appliances From Smeg

A new washing machine designed for small spaces make laundry room design more comfortable and stylish. Attractive, contemporary and eco friendly washer from Smeg, its small size, efficiency and stylish color

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