Sweet Play Chocolate Treats by Elsa Lambinet, Playful Food Design Ideas

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Making sweet treats with gourmet chocolate, berries and fruits


The creative food design ideas widen horizons of making unique chocolate treats. Sweet Play chocolates are a playful mix-and-match concept in gourmet chocolates. Delicious and innovative Sweet Play chocolates give a unique opportunity to create attractive and playful treats. Lushome presents the new design idea developed by French designer Elsa Lambinet.

The designer partnered with Swiss chocolate shop, Blondel, to produce these interchangeable chocolates which encourage kids and adults to experiment with fillings and explore the exciting world of modern food design. By playing with sweet treats, people can create new kinds of chocolates. Your personal taste and imagination help in the process.

Custom made is a hot topic, which influences even food design today. Sweet Play chocolates from Elsa Lambinet, www.lambinetelsa.com/ offer delicious treats and an opportunity to create your own type of gourmet chocolates.

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Gourmet chocolate Sweet Play, innovative food design ideas

There are three main elements in the mix-and-match chocolate set, – dark, milk and white chocolate pieces. Each of them can be combined with various fillings and edible decorations, nuts, berries, and candies.

Dark chocolate squares look gorgeous with berries and fruit pieces. Milk chocolate can be decorated with nuts. White chocolate pieces taste delicious with honey and various jams.

Gourmet chocolates, unique sweet treats from French designer Elza

Thin pieces of cookies, caramel, nougat, and waffle can be inserted into the playful chocolate squares, which stimulate your imagination and creativity for unusual, innovative and unique food design.

Making sweet treats with gourmet chocolate, berries, and fruits

Sweet Play was the designer’s project in ECAL University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Switzerland, supported by the famous Swiss chocolate manufacturer Blondel.

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The creative chocolate set is an exciting opportunity to explore various mixes of ingredients and taste different combinations of gourmet chocolate. Traditional and surprising fillings and edible decorations provide fantasticĀ pportinities to personalize and beautify the designs.

  by Ena Russ   

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