Creative designs, latest trends, modern colors and recycling ideas for Green and beautiful homes

20 Shared Desk Ideas, Kids Rooms with Study Space, Designs You Will Love

Is it the time to upgrade your kid’s room and create a study space? Do you have a big room that…


Recycling for Handmade Garlands, 15 Brilliant Home Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home for the season is one of the most fun things your family does every year. Whatever the theme…


Decorative Vases and Branches, Elegant Room Decorating Ideas

Branches in vases make fabulous fall decorations. Autumn leaves and berries look beautiful with wood textures and turn a vase into…


Distinct Architectural Designs of Mid Century Modern Homes, Retrospective Look at Eco Homes

Mid-century modern design is the style of the 19th century. Geometric shapes, natural materials, wood, glass, stones, open spaces, and straight…


Custom Glass Block Shower Designs Add Beautiful Curves to Modern Bathrooms

Glass block shower designs look luxurious, bright, and original. Curves add softness to modern bathrooms, enhance a comfortable feel in the…


10 Easy Ways to Add Rooster Accents to Your Home Decorating

Roosters are a beautiful decorating theme, perfect for everyday and holidays. Easter, Christmas, spring, summer, and fall decorating look bright and…


Copper Lighting Fixtures Take Interior Design from Great to Incredible

Modern interior design ideas reflect an understanding of style, beauty, and comfort. Copper lighting fixtures are an element of creating modern…


DIY Branch Lighting Ideas Adding Rustic Eco Accents to Modern Interior Design

If you look for unique lighting fixtures for your rooms, you might enjoy a woodsy style DIY lamps made of twigs…


Extraordinary Dome House Design Offers Green Living and Low Cost to Run

The experimental house designs save money and the environment, offering inspiring ideas of Green building. Placed inside a greenhouse the dome…


Stylish Fall Color Schemes for Interior Design and Decorating, Purple Colors

Orange color combinations are exciting, warm, and stylish, perfect for any season. Orange color schemes are traditional choices for fall decorating,…


Interior Decorating with Cacti and Good Feng Shui

Spiky plants brighten up interior decorating bring beautiful contrasts and unusual accents into homes. Decorating with desert plants looks original and…


Modern Wallpaper, Adding Breathtaking 3d Designs to Wall Decoration

Photo wallpapers are a fascinating invention that comes with new technology. 3d designs, fabulous themes, and vibrant colors create stylish and…



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