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Stylish Ways to Bring Luxury into Your Interior Decorating with Velvet Fabrics

Velvet fabrics are one of the most beautiful chic ways to enhance any interior design and add rich texture, gorgeous color,…


Excellent Christmas Gifts that Make Beautiful Winter Holiday Decorations

There are many beautiful gifts for Christmas on the market to choose for your family and friends. Original designs, edible decorations…


Elegant Christmas Decorating Ideas Blending Creativity into Scandinavian Style

Beautiful Christmas decorating fills winter homes with festive coziness and warmth. Danish decorator and TV star Shane Brox turn Christmas decorating…


25 Modern Ideas to Design Live Christmas Trees with Succulents

Succulents are the latest trends in decorating with houseplants that influence modern Christmas ideas. Alternative holiday tree designs turn succulents into…


Cacti Adding Desert Vibe to Alternative Christmas Tree Decorating

Cactus Christmas tree is a surprisingly popular alternative for creative winter holiday decorations. In southern areas real trees are expensive. Instead…


10 Steps to Charming Christmas Decor and Comfortable Holiday Atmosphere in your Home

Christmas decorating is about setting a festive and relaxing atmosphere, creating bright and charming Christmas decor, and enjoying the season. Shimmering…


DIY Decorating Ideas Blending Frugal Creativity and Resourcefulness

Latest trends in decorating celebrate smart and quick solutions, frugal and attractive ideas which give new life to broken and used…


Sunny Yellow and Brown Colors Inspired by Delicious and Healthy Holiday Treats

Sunny bright, warm and happy yellow colors fascinate and energize, offering beautiful, comfortable, and stylish hues for decorating holiday tables and…


10 Popular Trends in Kitchen Backsplash Designs, Textures, Decoration Patterns, Colors

Modern kitchen backsplash ideas offer fabulous ways of creating unique designs and add stylish flair to the interiors. Selecting materials, textures,…


22 Golden Christmas Ideas, Top Color Trends in Decorating for 2018 Winter Holidays

Yellow colors and golden decorations are top color trends in decorating for winter holidays. Black and white, gray color tones, all…


Pure Gold Trend in Food Design, 10 Exclusive Food Decoration Ideas

Gold added to food is an ancient trick known since the 16th century. Elegant food decoration with gold continues making innovative…


Opulent Velvet Wall Decoration Ideas Marry Luxury and Beauty in Modern Interiors

Elegant wall decoration with velvet fabrics offers modern ideas for modern interior design. Rooms with velvet draperies or wall coverings look…



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