15 Spectacular Modern Bathroom Design Trends Blending Comfort, Elegance and Artistic Materials

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Modern bathroom designs are luxurious and comfortable, blending elegant and artistic materials with contemporary comfort and convenience. Stylish and classy bathroom design ideas include warm-colored marble surfaces and natural granite tones, wood furniture and classic sink vanities, airy shower design and drying area that create well-composed welcoming spaces with an in-home luxury spa feel.

With towels and bathroom accessories conveniently close at hand, a soft chair, stool or bench outside the shower, modern bathroom design provides a comfortable area for toweling off, and creates a fresh look with an exclusive feel. Pampering bathroom colors, relaxing and interesting overall tone palette and artistic materials make modern bathroom designs appear unique and classy.

Modern bathroom design and powder room decor aim to made a strong visual impact. Modern bathroom design ideas, incorporating minimalist style, soft organic lines and natural materials, create beautiful rooms with stylish textures and pleasant colors. Modern bathroom design beautifully plays with depth, bringing various color shades, textures and shapes. Rounded edges and soft corners of furniture and wall mirror frames, contemporary floating countertops, coupled with textured effects on accent walls, provide eye-catching focal points and create aesthetically appealing powder room and bathroom interiors.

Free standing round bathtub and bathroom faucet, ceiling mounted waterfall shower faucet, modern bathroom design with glass walls

Modern bathroom design trends for 2014

Ceramic tiles, glass mosaic tile designs and interesting wall mirrors create a stunning textured wall design, adding unique decorative accents to modern bathroom designs. Neutral colors of steel gray, black and white, natural brown colors of wood, tan and cream tones offer complementary blends to modern bathroom design and highlight the art of decor.

Japanese influences bring minimalist style into modern bathroom design, reflecting the Japanese culture and practical decorating ideas. Soft gray and brown colors of wall paint, silver, white and black wallpaper patterns create contrasts with black and gray beach pebbles that form stylish backsplash designs.

Beach pebbles wall design and stone sink, modern bathroom design influenced by Japanese style

Kimono-shaped wall mirrors and a dramatic contemporary bathroom faucets which imitates waterfalls further develop the oriental interior decorating theme. Granite surfaces and wooden wall panels, antique Japanese soak tubs and chest vanities are elements that look beautiful with modern bathroom design in minimalist style.

Ancient wooden bathtub in Japanese style, modern bathroom design ideas

Contemporary masculinity and tender feminine bathroom design are two popular trends in decorating powder room and bathroom interiors. Families with teenagers and single home owners use these bathroom design trends, perfect to accommodate young adults or overnight guests, and create beautiful bathroom interiors with classic materials and neutral colors skillfully applied in nontraditional ways.

15 modern bathroom design trends 2013

Modern bathroom design trends from TOTO, green ideas and eco friendly bathroom fixtures

A massive sink vanity, classic marble surfaces and neutral colors compliment masculinity. Gracious wall mirrors, classic sinks, marble surfaces and light soft decorating colors add to a feminine look. Classic and luxurious decorative accents, blended with expensive materials create gorgeous, intimate and modern bathroom design.

Modern bathroom design in neutral colors, granite sink countertop

Modern bathroom design ideas in minimalist style can look exquisite and chic. Clean lines of contemporary bathroom design and a stylish decorating colors, – gray, stainless steel, white and black, look luxurious and balanced. Contemporary bathroom lighting fixtures complement the dark gray and brown colors of wood furniture and modern wallpaper patterns, highlighting textures and adding depth to modern bathroom design in minimalist style.

New bathroom tub design ideas, contemporary bathroom design trends

Impressive Art Deco style, modern bathroom design trends

Practical natural materials and efficient bathroom lighting fixtures add to elegant bathroom design ideas, creating a calm, stress-free and relaxing atmosphere in beautiful oasis-like modern bathroom interiors. Classic bathtubs, candle-like bathroom lighting, wood and glass shelves, elegant wall mirrors, vintage wallpaper patterns and small fireplaces increase the effect, creating a romantic environment.er of the wing-wall room divider. Floating shelves and cabinets, glass shower doors and storage shelves make modern bathroom design look more interesting, spacious and exclusive. Blending simplistic with expensive materials, modern powder room and bathroom interiors feature unique visual details that contribute to aesthetic appeal and relaxing atmosphere.

White bathroom furniture and glass shower doors

French style decorating ideas are one of luxurious and inspiring modern bathroom design trends. French chic and style help design stunning powder and bathroom interiors. Marble and French style wood furniture, candle-like lighting and classic bathroom design ideas, built-in benches with pillows, charming towels and bathroom accessories, glowing candles and spectacular wall mirror frames add French chic to modern bathroom design ideas.

Modern bathroom design trends in bathtubs, 12 designer bathtubs

Modern bathroom design trends and popular bathroom remodeling ideas

Radiant-heated floors, glass door storage spaces, contemporary bathtubs, heated towel racks, bathtub lighting, soft music and a flat-screen TV panel help create luxurious modern bathroom design and ultimate private retreat suited for a luxurious French chateau.

French style modern bathroom design

Small bathroom design trends

Small bathroom design becomes more efficient and customized. A functional ans simple features, a striking piece of bathroom furniture or decor accessories design beautiful and comfortable small bathrooms in personal and comfortable style. The lighting fixtures and original bathroom accessories are very important elements of small bathroom design that personalize an elegant modern interior, create relaxing mood and cozy environment.

Small bathroom design trends, unique decor ideas blended with expensive materials, artistic shapes and elegance

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