New Bathroom Tub Design Ideas, Contemporary Bathroom Design Trends

modern bathtubs for elderly

Inflatable bathroom tub for people with disavilities, convenient contemporary bathroom design ideas


Contemporary bathroom design trends bring interesting space saving solutions for small rooms and eco friendly products that save energy and water, and combined with convenient improvements, make bathtub and shower designs more comfortable and pleasant to use.

Contemporary bathroom design implements new technology and innovations, creating beautiful  and spacious bathrooms or cozy and functional small rooms with smart, inflatable or space saving bathtubs and comfortable showers that make life easier.

Designer Su Pin Chia proposed the bathtub with an inflatable side. This smart bathtub with an especially designed structure allows easy access, which is perfect for people with disabilities and the elderly people.

Modern bathroom design, trends in bathroom tubs, 12 designer bathtubs

Modern bathrooms, 8 bathroom design trends 2012

Inflatable bathroom tub for people with disavilities, convenient contemporary bathroom design ideas

A built-in powerful pump inflates the jacuzzi bathtub side very quickly, creating a large luxurious bathroom tub to enjoy the air massage.

Space saving bathroom tub design idea

Designer Dominik Chojnacki developed a jacuzzi bathtub with a leg and unique shape for small bathrooms. The bathtub SPAcer is an interesting new bathtub design idea of vertical storage. The beautiful bathtub shape is inspired by drops of rain, the designer says.

Space saving ideas for small bathrooms, contemporary bathroom tub design trends

Green bathroom tub design idea

Another interesting bathtub design idea is developed by Lenci Design a remote control eco friendly bathroom tub Sorgente with underwater lighting and a convenient shower.

Water saving bathtub design ideas, eco friendly products and green technology for contemporary eco bathroom design

A special filtration system allows to save water and protect the environment, making this bathtub design eco friendly.

Eco friendly contemporary bathroom tub with LED lights

New bathroom tubs, wood, glass and steel bathtubs for modern bathroom design

Contemporary bathroom tub designs details

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