Modern Bathroom Design Trends in Bathtubs, 12 Designer Bathtubs

bathtub Onto decorated with wood designer Matteo Thun

A bathtub is an important element of modern bathroom design. Comfortable contemporary bathtubs are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Modern bathroom interiors look gorgeous with luxurious natural stone bathtubs, contemporary acrylic bathtubs or antique looking bathroom tubs, made of wood or metal.

12 beautiful and comfortable contemporary bathtubs demonstrate modern design trends in bathtubs, reflecting old traditions and new bathroom decorating ideas that help design attractive, functional and pleasant bathroom interiors.

Modern bathroom design creates private, relaxing and comfortable small spaces, where people rejuvenate, enjoying stylish colors, furniture and accessories. A contemporary bathtub is one of the most important bathroom elements that add more comfort and joy to busy life.

Modern bathroom tubs

Contemporary bathroom tubs, 20 modern bathroom design ideas

20 modern bathroom designs with contemporary in floor bathroom tubs

Modern bathtubs come in many different style, – antique and retro, contemporary and more traditional. Unusual and luxurious contemporary bathtubs can be carved of marble and decorated with LED lights.

Wood, copper, stainless steel, ceramic tiles and acrylic are natural and manmade materials that allow create contemporary bathtubs in any shape and style, making taking a bath a real pleasure.

New bathroom tubs, wood, glass and steel bathtubs for modern bathroom design

Small bathroom ideas, 11 retro modern bathroom designs

Top 10 design trends in bathtubs

1. Acrylic bathtubs in contemporary style
2. Classic claw foot tubs, made of cast iron
3. Copper bathtubs
4. Ceramic bathroom tubs in organic shapes
5. Rectangular ceramic bathtubs
6. Bathroom tubs, decorated with willow branches or luxurious fabrics
7. Bathtubs, made of natural stone and manmade stone materials
8. Bathroom tubs in retro style and art deco style
9. Unusual bathtubs shapes
10. Bathroom tubs, decorated with wooden materials

Impressive art deco style, modern bathroom design trends

Modern bathrooms design trends, splendor of antique bathroom

Designer bathtubs for modern bathroom

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