Small Bathroom Ideas, 11 Retro Modern Bathrooms Designs

small bathroom ideas modern bathrooms designs retro

Retro-modern bathrooms, ceiling beams and claw foot bathtub, small bathroom ideas

Small bathrooms feel cozy and charming. Designers offer many interesting small bathroom ideas and fixtures for modern bathrooms designs and make small spaces look airy and pleasant. Retro style bathtub, made of wood , cast iron or natural stone helps create comfortable, unique and modern bathrooms designs.

Antique or retro modern bathroom ideas inspire  elegant classic bathrooms designs. Charming cast iron bathtubs are perfect for luxurious modern bathrooms. Unique contemporary tubs and new bathroom design ideas help create impressive modern bathrooms designs in eclectic, ethnic and fusion styles.

Small bathroom remodeling ideas bring space saving furniture and elegant fixtures, more light and soft colors, small bathtubs and comfortable decor accessories into modern bathrooms. Romantic pastel colors and charming white-n-black color contrasts, functional and light decorating ideas, retro-modern tubs and luxurious furnishings are beautiful modern design trends, which work well for small bathrooms.

Small bathroom ideas

Classic interior design style, white-n-black color combination, eco friendly and natural materials and retro decorating ideas are very popular modern bathrooms trends.

Retro-modern bathrooms designs with foot claw tubs, light curtains and antique mirrors look elegant and cozy, making small spaces feel comfortable, stylish and inviting.

Light floor tiles, small rugs or floor carpet, wooden furniture and ceiling beams, moldings and wainscoting, decor accessories, made of wood, wicker baskets and luxurious white towels create very pleasant, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere of traditional, classic and retro-modern bathrooms designs.

Wall decoration with simple wooden shelves for storage, where all small accessories can be attractively arranged in baskets and decorative buckets, adds warmth, comfort and functionality to traditional and retro-modern bathrooms designs.

Modern bathroom design trends, splendor of antique bathroom
Bathroom design ideas, modern bathrooms design in retro styles

Dark wood, black and white color contrasts are charming bathroom ideas for decorating with dramatic accents and adding a unique character to small spaces.

Floor and wall tile in neutral colors, beautiful wallpaper patterns in a combination with light wall paint and matching accessories create stylish and spacious modern bathrooms designs.

Striped wallpaper or tile stripes, that create a pleasant illusion of larger space,  light curtains, white fixtures and large mirrors are wonderful small bathroom ideas for bringing more light into bathrooms designs and make small spaces feel bigger.
Home staging and redesign, small bathroom

Small bathroom decorating ideas

Small chairs or stools add more comfort and style to bathrooms designs. Adding a stool or a storage unit with a seat cushion to small bathroom design makes the interior look functional and more pleasant.

Small bathroom fixtures (Small bathroom remodeling ideas and staging,) candle-like lighting fixtures, stylish mirrors and light bath curtains help beautifully decorate small bathroom interiors, creating peaceful, retro-modern bathrooms designs.

Green plants, flower arrangements and natural essential oils (home staging with scents that help loose weight) add healthy fragrance to small bathroom interiors, pleasing senses and creating aristocratic atmosphere.

Romantic music of the 19th century, Mozart, Schubert, Vivaldi, softly flowing through the air and glowing candles are the final touch for luxurious retro-modern bathrooms designs.

  by Ena Russ   

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