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Retro style bathroom design ideas, furniture, fixtures, accessories, lamps and colors bring unique and pleasant accents into modern homes, evoke sentimental feelings and memories. Retro styles are modern bathroom design trends that are popular, elegant and charming.

White sinks and bathtubs on feet, white and black floor tiles, large mirrors in wooden or golden frames, elegant lamps and candles, and bathroom furniture, made of beautiful wood create stylish, relaxing and attractive atmosphere of retro bathroom design.

Every detail is important. Retro-modern bathroom design should be comfortable and inviting. A wooden chair with a small foot rest, retro style upholstery fabric, silk or romantic floral curtains, retro style wallpaper and white wall paint make retro-modern bathroom design feel airy, spacious and elegant.

Retro-modern bathroom decor, golden mirror, white sink and wooden furniture
Black and white wallpaper, retro bathroom design trends, art deco mirror and yellow cabinet

Natural and eco friendly materials, pleasant and light colors and comfort are modern bathroom design trends.

Fixtures, furniture and accessories in retro style, bathroom decorating ideas for modern homes

Beautiful, peaceful and relaxing, retro style bathroom design ideas include classic ceramic, porcelain, wood, glass and metal, comfortable wooden tones and classy patterns.

If you like 20 th century bathroom design styles, you can combine white sink and bathtub with wooden furniture, black and white floor tiles and checkers patterns for creating beautiful, eco friendly and modern bathroom design, inspired by 1930s.

Modern bathroom decorating in retro style, wooden furniture, black and white floor tiles

Modern bathroom design in art deco style
1950s bathroom design inspiration (coming)
Top ten modern bathroom design trends

Modern bathroom decorating ideas in retro style, blue pained wooden furniture

The combination of dark wood, black lacquered or white painted wooden furniture with black and white bathroom tiles are modern bathroom design ideas for retro style bathrooms.

Striped wallpaper, white painted furniture and white fixtures, modern bathroom design ideas, retro style bathrooms designs

Modern eco wall tile designs
Exceptional wall tiles for bathroom decorating

Wooden furniture and accessories, white pedestal sink, black and white mosaic tiles, retro style bathroom design

Retro style bathtubs and faucets, white pedestal sinks and toilets (Modern bathroom design, toilet seat cover styles) are perfect for creating retro style in modern bathrooms.

Retro style floral or striped wallpaper, lamp shades, chandeliers, sconces, mirror frames, shelves and small accessories help add beautiful and functional accents and retro style charm to modern bathrooms designs.

Retro style faucets and sinks, modern bathroom design ideas in retro style
Retro style bathtub on feet, fixture and shelf, modern bathroom design ideas

If you replace contemporary nickel and chrome faucets with bronze ones or bring a sink cabinet with porcelain fixture handles, add a wooden towel holder and simple glass or ceramic accessories in retro style, bathroom design will feel very peaceful, beautiful, romantic and retro.

Modern bathrooms designs in retro style, white painted furniture and pedestal sink

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