75 Infinity Pools, No Boundary Swimming Spaces with Great Views

contemporary design ideas for infinity swimming pools and decorative infinity ponds
Contemporary design, infinity swimming pool and stone patio ideas



Contemporary design ideas and new technology create spectacular infinity pools that transform outdoor swimming spaces and add impressive centerpieces to modern properties. Infinity pools are about freedom, spectacular panoramic views and no boundary swimming spaces. Infinity pools add drama to landscaping ideas and create a unique atmosphere. Infinity pools offer the beauty, exclusiveness, aesthetic pleasure and ultimate relaxation that other types of pools cannot provide.

Infinity pools are designed in the most unique way, blending fascinating contemporary design ideas with advanced technology. Infinity pools with the most breathtaking backdrops in the world are amazing, surprising and elegant water features. Lushome collection demonstrates how these swimming pools and breathtaking views change outdoor living spaces.

Infinity pools feature contemporary design with no edges or walls seen on the waterfall edge. As the water spills over a ledge down into a catch basin, these swimming pools provide gorgeous and unobstructed views of the surroundings, stretching the swimming spaces to the horizon. The contemporary design results in eye catching, beautiful and spectacular pools that blend seamlessly into the captivating views beyond.

50 spectacular contemporary swimming pools stretching outdoor living spaces to infinity

Infinity pools and contemporary design ideas

Infinity swimming pool with panoramic view

Infinity pools are fantastic water features that catch the attention of travelers and wealthy homeowners all over the world. People add infinity pools to their homes and hotels swimming spaces to bring chic and style into their life. Unique appearance, contemporary design vibe, customization and flexibility of landscaping ideas are the most obvious reasons to likeĀ  infinity pools.

Contemporary design ideas and advanced technology used for building infinity pools allow to choose the most extravagant, interesting and unique designs and materials, adding an exotic feel and chic style to yard landscaping. An infinity pool is s beautiful ways to create outdoor living spaces of your dreams.

Infinity pool with beautiful view, Post Ranch Inn, California

Decorative infinity pools look very charming and contemporary. Infinity swimming pools create fantastic no boundary swimming spaces that visually connect landscaping with spectacular surroundings. One of the latest trends in contemporary design creates infinity pools with breathtaking unhindered view of what lies beyond the pool.

Luxury interior design ideas enhance by infinity swimming polls

Backyard swimming pools and small ponds, beautiful backyard ideas

The contemporary design ideas and new technology allow to build an infinity swimming pool at almost any location, but having a panoramic sea view, breathtaking mountains, sloping hills with lush vegetation or beautiful garden beyond the property create especially dramatic and beautiful infinity pool design.

Decorative infinity pond with outdoor lights, contemporary design

Vanishing edge swimming pools are spectacular. These water features add luxury to yard landscaping and increase the property values. These contemporary swimming pools and decorative infinity ponds are built in a way so that the edge of the water blends into the horizon, visually stretching your property and enhance outdoor living spaces by creating pleasant and surprising optical illusions.

Infinity swimming pool and stone patio ideas, contemporary design
Spectacular sunset view from infinity swimming pool
Contemporary design, infinity swimming pool and stone patio ideas
Infinity swimming pool with peninsula and panoramic view

Jade Mountain View infinity pool design
Infinity swimming pool, contemporary design, Thermalbad Spa in Zurich

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