Modern Bathroom Design Trends from TOTO, Green Ideas and Eco Friendly Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom fixtures and accessories
Modern bathroom interior design, contemporary bathroom fixtures and accessories

Modern bathroom design trends offer clean technology and innovative contemporary ideas. Designers, who work for Japanese bathroom manufacturer TOTO describe contemporary bathroom design trends in five simple points.

TOTO is Japan’s leading bathroom fixtures with advanced technology and developing new trends since its creation in 1917. Its technological innovations and high standard of quality have made modern bathroom designs from TOTO an iconic and very popular in Japan.

European and American modern bathroom design requires luxurious and stylish, eco friendly and comfortable bathroom fixtures. Modern bathroom designs from TOTO are sophisticated and innovative, elevating the bathroom from the merely functional to meditative and pleasurable.

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Modern bathroom design trends from TOTO

Innovative technology Hydrotect used to create unique ceramic tiles is one of modern bathroom design trends today. Designing self-cleaning surfaces that prevent bacterial growth and odors, combined with durability and style are modern bathroom design trends for contemporary homes.

Durable, almost unbreakable tiles, unique Luminist polymers and attractive, comfortable and modern bathroom fixtures, made of exclusive materials, used in aircraft building industry, are other bathroom design trends and ideas that the company offer for its customers.

Contemporary bathroom design trends from TOTO

1. The future of the bathroom

Contemporary technologies have revolutionised every aspect of contemporary life, including modern bathroom interior design. TOTO’s innovations are changing the way people think about bathroom fixtures and use bathrooms. The company embraces technology in the pursuit of cleanliness, the same way it is embraced in the workplace for efficiency, or in social environments for communication and leisure.

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2. Key bathroom design ideas to a better lifestyle

TOTO’s bathroom design ideas, fixtures and products offer unimaginable levels of cleanliness, relaxation and contentment. Cleaning with warm water is not only hygienic, it is enjoyable and comfortable for everyone from children to seniors. Clean technology for modern bathroom fixtures and interior design from TOTO is about making time spent in the bathroom more fulfilling and pleasant.

Modern bathroom interior design, contemporary bathroom fixtures and accessories

3. Modern bathroom design philosophy

TOTO discreetly incorporates the clean technology into bathroom fixtures with a sophisticated eye for design. This results in high aesthetic standards for both individual bathroom fixtures that blend into modern bathroom designs, and for perfectly coordinated bathroom interiors.

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The TOTO bathroom design philosophy goes beyond aesthetics: every contemporary bathroom fixture facilitates easy, comfortable usage for every user, from children to the elderly.

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4. Green design ideas and environmental benefits

Modern bathroom design technology not only enhances personal cleanliness, contemporary bathroom fixtures and interior design ideas from TOTO lead to a cleaner, greener environment. Every time you use a TOTO bathroom fixtures, the planet benefits, – Japanese designers say.

Contemporary bathroom fixtures for eco friendly interior design

Saving energy and water wherever possible and other eco-friendly effects are achieved with TOTO bathroom fixtures and interior design ideas. Unique ceramic surfaces require fewer chemicals for cleaning. One of contemporary bathroom design technologies breaks down pollutants in the air, similar to the way a tree breaks down carbon. Some of modern bathroom fixtures are powered by water pressure alone, offering sustainable design ideas for eco homes.

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5. Contemporary design ideas for modern lifestyle

Since its founding in 1917, TOTO has worked towards an ideal of cleanliness and comfort by integrating new technology into modern bathroom fixture and interior design. Technologically advanced bathroom fixtures and interior design ideas enhance lifestyle, create more beautiful bathrooms and a healthier planet.

New materials and unique technology for modern bathroom design with eco friendly products and fixtures

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