How to Reuse and Recycle Candle Jars, Frugal Ideas that Save Money

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Making candles with wax leftover


Recycling is a way to save money. You can reuse candle jars and make new candles with leftovers. Money-saving is a bonus. The major reasons for recycling candle jars are helping the environment and enjoying creating unique homemade candles. Decorative candles are excellent accessories for your home, and they make beautiful, unique gifts also.

If you keep used candle jars with a bit of wax left in them, here are great ideas inspiring to reuse and recycle them. The process of disposing of a used-up candle is not simple. And decorative jars look pretty, so you want to keep them and reuse. All you need is to remove wax. Here are tips helping do this.

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How to reuse candle jars

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You melt the wax, putting the candle jar in a bowl set over a pot of simmering water.  Alternatively, you can place the candle in a separate pot and slowly pour boiling water around the candle, making sure the water gets outside of the candle jar. Once the candle melts, pour the old hot wax into a new container.

Recycling wax for new homemade candles

You can use a freezer to get wax out of a candle jar. Place the candles in the freezer for a couple of hours, until the wax is frozen, and then use a butter knife for popping the frozen wax out of the container. To make this process easier, try to break up the wax a bit before freezing.

Melting wax for recycling leftovers

Another technique is using a kettle. With the candle on a heat-safe surface, pour boiling water directly into the candle jar and leave some room at the top. The melted wax will float to the top. Waiting for the water to cool and the wax to harden takes some time, then it is easy to pick it out. Scrape any remaining wax and wash out the jar with soap and water.

Glass jars for making candles

A candle warmer can help get wax out of a candle jar. Put your candle jar on top of the warmer, and it will melt it down. If you want to reuse the wax and minimize waste, take another candle with a similar scent and top it off with melted wax leftovers.

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Making candles with wax leftover

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When you buy a candle, see if you like the packaging and choose a pretty jar you want to reuse and recycle. You can create new homemade candles which make nice gifts for family and friends or use empty jars for home organizing and creative table centerpieces. If you have multiple candles of the same size, the jars create a beautiful uniformity with the handmade table decorations.

Recycling glass jar into original candle holders

Candle jars in various shapes and sizes can make pretty vases and pots for small houseplants. Cute succulents, moss, and air plants, and fresh flowers are perfect table decorations. Tea candles turn glass jars filled with bulk items into perfect lanterns for holiday tables. You can decorate used jars, paint them, add ribbons or lace. The possibilities of recycling candles jars are endless. Before you buy a new item, think about how you can reuse and recycle it after use.

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Buy what you can reuse and recycle, enhancing your home decorating. The whole point of going Green and living mindfully is to think about minimizing waste, blending creativity with money-saving ideas while protecting the environment. Think of disposing and recycling before bringing new items into your home. Plan how you can reuse items, giving a new life to them, and creating Green decor.

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