Glass Recycling Ideas Creating Romantic Lights with Candles and Bulbs

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terrace with outdoor furniture and candle lights



Glass recycling allows creating fascinating, elegant, and unusual lights. Candle lanterns, chandeliers, and outdoor lights look romantic blending the majestic glow of candles or small bulbs and versatile beauty of glass. Recycling glass jars can be romantic. Here are inspiring ideas for making the original lights and decorating your home with them.

Glass jar lanterns can add softly glowing accents to table decoration and bring mysterious lights into backyards at nights. Glass jar lighting looks original and elegant offering surprising and modern ideas for decorating home interiors and outdoor living spaces.

Versatile and attractive, the glass jars provide a fabulous material for creative lighting design that personalizes rooms and yards. Lanterns and candle holders are practical accessories which you can use anywhere and anytime to give a romantic touch to your home. You can plan your beautiful lighting ideas for a night party ahead of time, but also create beautiful lanterns at the last moment. Gorgeous candle lights bring magic, romance, and elegance into your home decorating. They can adorn your rooms or create spectacular outdoors for a party or a quiet evening.

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Original lighting ideas

DIY candle lanterns for outdoor decorating

Glass jars make fascinating lanterns, but chandeliers look even more impressive. Glass jar chandeliers and candle holders are fantastic recycling glass projects that add attractive lights to the perfect scenery. Adding glass lights to your dinner table decoration romanticize your place. Your balcony or patio design benefits from handmade lanterns also.

Glass and light are the gorgeous combination which is not only romantic, but beautiful, powerful, and relaxing. Charming lights transform homes by adding a warm and inviting feel to the living spaces. Small things make a big difference.

Glass candle holders

DIY lanterns recycling glass jars

Romantic evenings can stretch to romantic days and weeks with recycled glass lamps that look attractive day and night. All you need to make your space romantic is to spruce your home up with homemade candle holders. You can decorate them differently every night to add little surprises to your living spaces.

Glass lights decorated with lace and ribbons

You can paint them and adorn with lovely paper crafts. Lace, ribbons, decorative glass balls or colorful beads, small seashells with sand or salt crystals, creatively painted designs that bring romance into your place are just a few ideas for decorating glass. Adding your favorite scent, flower petals or fresh flower arrangements complete and enhance your decor and make your quiet evenings romantic and pleasant.

Glass jar decorated with ribbon

The secret of a perfect romantic evening is not what you do, but rather how you feel. Be happy enjoying your simple dinner at home illuminated with extremely romantic candles. For outdoor dining hang some glass lanterns on your porch and place them on steps or around your patio, transforming your backyard into a secluded and peaceful retreat.

DIY chandelier with candle holders

Glass jars with miniature lights and garlands are intriguing lighting ideas for balconies and yard decorating also. Glass creates fascinating handmade lamps and candle holders which are simple but elegant and sophisticated. Jars with candles are perfect for soft illumination that adds a welcoming and relaxing mood to romantic places.

Outdoor lights with small bulbs

Recycling glass jars for outdoor lights with small bulbs


Chandelier for outdoor decorating
Original lighting fixture with small bulbs
Chandelier with candle holders and blue crystals

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