10 Latest Trends in Decorating Outdoor Living Spaces, 25 Modern Yard Landscaping Ideas

modern backyard ideas and latest trends in decorating outdoor living spaces
Low maintenance yard landscaping ideas


Modern ideas and latest trends in decorating outdoor living spaces aim to create stylish, interesting and comfortable backyard landscaping and add personality to landscaping design. Influenced by high fashion and interior design trends, modern ideas for backyard landscaping make decorating backyards very beautiful and unique.

Landscaping design changes, bringing creativity, new design solutions and modern ideas into transforming outdoor living spaces every year. Lushome shares great inspirations for improving your existing landscaping design and adding a contemporary vibe to backyard ideas. Decorative and natural landscaping design can be spectacular, stylish and welcoming.

Backyard ideas can incorporate familiar garden design solutions and elements, spiced up with contemporary accents and unusual details. The final landscaping design depends not only on your preferences, but also on the skillful use of modern ideas. Here is a collection of surprising and familiar garden design ideas that can help select the best solutions for decorating your outdoor living spaces.

25 beautiful backyard landscaping ideas with beach stones

Modern ideas and latest trends in backyard landscaping

Low maintenance yard landscaping ideas

1. Decorating colors and patterns in landscape design

Black and dark brown colors are timelessly elegant decorating colors that help bring chic into garden design. Black and dark brown colors transform backyard landscaping, filling outdoor living spaces with  aesthetics and beauty. Landscape designers advise to use the dark colors not only for fences, decks and planters, but also for garden furniture, outdoor home decor items and lamps.

Black and dark brown colors add stylish appeal to outdoor living spaces and create attractive contrasts that personalize backyard designs.

Horizontal stripes and simple backyard landscaping ideas

2. Simplicity of geometric backyard designs and decoration patterns

Simple and attractive backyard designs are the most popular trends in decorating outdoor living spaces. Horizontal lines, circles, octagonal or rectangular shapes are simple and versatile. These simple decoration patterns and geometric shapes bring interest into backyard designs with green plants and flowers. Horizontal stripes can be added to planters and fences painting, garden benches and other outdoor furniture, bringing modern ideas into backyard landscaping.

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3. Space saving functionality and comfort

Portable and multifunctional items, outdoor furniture and yard decorations define the latest trends in decorating outdoor living spaces, blending comfort and functionality with modern ideas. Planters and stands on wheels, light outdoor furniture, modular furniture and transformer furniture design ideas improve modern backyard designs and add a contemporary vibe to yard landscaping. Folding chairs and tables are great space saving ideas that help transform outdoor living spaces and create comfortable dining areas or outdoor seating areas. Outdoor shelving units and storage furniture pieces improve backyard designs also.

Simple geometric shapes and straight line, modern garden design ideas

4. Merging outdoor living spaces and home interiors

The combination of home furnishings and beauty of your garden design allows to merge outdoor living spaces with home interiors harmoniously and boundlessly. Contemporary technologies, and especially glass wall design ideas, folding exterior doors and sliding glass doors allow to blend home interiors with yard landscaping while improving house design and beautifying outdoor living spaces.

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5. Plants and flowers

Natural yard landscaping ideas, local plants and flowers create harmonious compositions and require less care. Perennial grass plants and flowers, evergreen plants, edible herbs and local flowering plants are great latest trends in decorating outdoor living spaces.

Unique centerpieces and dark decorating colors for backyard designs

6. Fire pits and fireplaces

Fire pits and fireplaces are another wonderful latest trends in decorating all outdoor living spaces, from small balcony designs to spacious decks and patios. A hearth is a symbol of a warm, comfortable and wealthy home, now the glowing light and warmth of the fireplace or outdoor heaters become essential elements of backyard designs.

Natural backyard landscaping ideas and wildlife backyard designs

7. Synthetic materials for yard landscaping

Synthetic materials for yard landscaping save time and energy, creating attractive and beautiful outdoor living spaces. Synthetic materials for backyard designs are one of the latest trends in decorating backyards which blend the simplicity and convenience with natural appeal of traditional natural materials. Artificial turf and stones look more natural adding freshness and elegance to easy to maintain outdoor living spaces.

Simple geometric shapes, stone walkway, yard landscaping ideas

8. Water and energy saving landscaping ideas

Modern landscape design is about water and energy saving. Selecting proper plants and flowers, landscape design materials and decorating ideas which require less water and energy are eco friendly trends in decorating outdoor living spaces. Saving fresh water and energy is becoming more important than giving backyard designs their traditional look, so these latest trends are beneficial not only for home owners, but the entire planet.

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9. Eco friendly landscaping ideas

Modern backyard designs in eco style are so connected to the nature that use only those plants and flowers that fit harmoniously with the local natural environment, attracting insects and birds and creating wildlife friendly environment for small animals. Recycling ideas are another eco friendly trend that is very popular and creative.

Local plants and natural yard landscaping materials

10. Unique centerpieces

Unique centerpieces, artistic details and unusual backyard designs add personality to decorating outdoor living spaces, giving character to yard landscaping ideas. Clever and creative garden design ideas, unusual combinations of yard landscaping materials, artworks, crafts and surprising details make decorating outdoor living spaces look modern and unique.

Creative backyard ideas, waterfall, pond and comfortable outdoor seating area
Eco friendly natural garden design
Comfortable outdoor seating area with large chairs and umbrellas

Horizontal stripes and simple backyard landscaping ideas

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