25 Recycling Ideas Adding DIY Console Tables to Modern Interior Decorating

diy console tables and shelves with wooden table halves

Writing deck made of a half of a wooden table in vintage style


Recycling ideas are popular trends in decorating. Old tables can be turned into two console tables, creating beautiful and unique furniture pieces for modern interior decorating. Old tables can become shelving units and corner shelves, office desks and writing tables, children tables and console tables for creative hallway and entryway designs.

Stacking parts on top of each other or decorating a single piece with a wall mirror turns an old table into attractive, functional and modern home furnishings. With a wall mirror you can create a nice dressing table for foyer decorating. Hanging halves on a wall adds unique shelves to interior decorating.

Shelving units made with old tables halves can be used for kitchen and dining room decorating. Bright paint, varnish and decoration patterns help design truly amazing furniture items that make a statement and recycle old wooden tables for beautiful and modern furniture pieces. Lushome shares a great collection of handmade furniture design ideas to reuse, recycle and upcycle old wooden tables for modern interior decorating.

Mirrored console tables and coffee table designs stretching small spaces

Modern console tables for interior decorating

Console tables recycling wooden tables

DIY console table with a mirror, handmade furniture design idea

Handmade console tables can decorate your living room or bedroom. These handmade furniture pieces look wonderful in kids rooms and home offices. It takes one old table and a little paint to create two console tables and two shelves.

You can make table legs shorter for space saving interior decorating. You can saw your table in different, small and large parts to create a set of two console tables. Creative painting ideas, bright decoration patterns and home fabrics are the beautiful ways to personalize your furniture design.

Creative nightstand painted pink color

You can make a smaller dining table recycling a big one, or add a console table with higher legs for a window bar table design, ideal for small kitchens and perfect for quick snacks and breakfasts.

15 modern entryway ideas bringing console tables into small rooms

22 reuse and recycle ideas to create console tables with vintage sewing machines

Shelves and consoles tables, desks and mini bar tables are just a few ideas for recycling old wooden tables and creating unique handmade furniture pieces for modern interior decorating. A compact table on two legs can be very handy in small spaces.

Small console table in light blue color

Recycling old wooden tables or buying a new simple table to upcycle it for handmade furniture, the choice is yours. Creative console tables and shelves are wonderful handmade furniture designs that can improve your interior decorating.

Console tables and shelves made with wooden tables halves
Console table with shelf recycling wood table
Yellow console table and yellow wallpaper, creative and modern wall decoration ideas
Writing deck made of a half of a wooden table in vintage style

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