Natural Backyard Landscaping Ideas, Save Money Creating Wildlife Friendly Garden Designs

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small pond and flowers for backyard design


Natural backyard landscaping is a wonderful way to create eco friendly outdoor living spaces that allows to save money and effort on gardening and spend more time enjoying the natural beauty of the spectacular surroundings. Beautiful wildlife-friendly backyard landscaping ideas create gorgeous garden designs with tranquil and peaceful atmosphere attracting birds, bees and butterflies.

Natural landscaping ideas are great for large properties and spacious backyards. Natural backyard landscaping connects people with the nature and teach kids to respect and admire wildlife and the beauty of natural surroundings. Natural backyard landscaping ideas and garden designs are great for those who love nature and wildlife and appreciate simple and elegant outdoor living spaces.

Even small backyard designs can feature a tiny natural garden that incorporate wildlife-friendly place into modern lifestyle. A natural garden does not mean an overgrown grass and bushes, it means local plants and wildflowers, simplicity, natural materials, informal or rustic look and organic feel.

Natural landscaping ideas

Natural landscaping ideas

Natural backyard landscaping ideas are relaxing and informal, incorporating gentle curvy line and winding garden paths instead of strict straight lines. Rustic look, natural building materials, local plants and wildflowers add backyard landscaping ideas nice and inviting feel and natural look.

Salvaged wood, logs and twigs, unfinished surfaces, natural stone, bark chippings and imperfections create charming, wildlife-friendly and beautiful backyard landscaping and natural garden designs. If your have a spacious backyard, then you can leave some parts of the garden undisturbed, allowing bark and rotted foliage to accumulate, adding the wonderful smell of the forest to your backyard landscaping.

Natural garden design, ornamental grasses and flowering plants

Low maintenance garden design

Leave seed heads and berries on branches to feed birds over winter. Leave some twigs, tree stumps and broken branches to provide shelters for birds and small wildlife creatures while decorating bare spots and adding charming natural accents to your backyard landscaping ideas in eco style.

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Local plants and wildflowers

Plan your eco-friendly backyard landscaping ideas with natural garden design in mind, bringing local plants and flowers into your outdoor living spaces, which gives plants the best chance to survive. Save money, time and effort on gardening, cooperating with the nature and creating beautiful backyard landscaping in eco style.

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Water features

A small pond or lake is great for enhancing your backyard landscaping and provide better environment for wildlife. A pond in natural style attract beneficial insects, amphibians, birds and small animals, making your backyard landscaping more beautiful, rich and eco friendly. Gently sloping edges attract birds and animals to use the water edge.

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Use tall trees as organic canopies for your outdoor living spaces and shade loving plants, adding gorgeous natural centerpieces and flower beds to backyard landscaping ideas. Ornamental grasses and perennials, shrubs and wildflowers save money, time and effort on gardening, creating spectacular natural backyard designs.

Water features for natural garden designs, small pond with wild plants and flowers

Leaving parts of your backyard or garden for nature to colonize is truly fabulous, low maintenance, inspirational and educational ideas for creating interesting and fascinating backyard landscaping for kids and adults. Natural gardening can be great fun, something the whole family can enjoy. Your backyard designs are for enjoying and share wonderful time with family and friends. So save money, time and effort by creating natural backyard and garden designs to sit, relax and watch your own wildlife appreciating free time and natural beauty.

Beautiful garden design and backyard landscaping ideas in natural and eco friendly style

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