6 Latest Trends in Decorating and Upgrading Backyard Swimming Pools

yard landscaping with pool, backyard ideas
Backyard swimming pool and stone patio ideas



Latest trends in decorating outdoor living spaces and upgrading backyard swimming pools bring new technology, ultimate comfort and beauty into modern homes, increase home values and create a stress-free, pleasant and chic atmosphere that allows to enjoy swimming and sunbathing in elegant style. Lushome shares the latest trends in decorating and upgrading backyard swimming pools to inspire home improvement projects.

Backyard pool renovation and decorating ideas can dramatically transform outdoor swimming pools, outdoor living spaces, and the entire house design. Swimming pools add gorgeous water features to backyard landscaping and provide pleasant views that enhance interior design. Natural stone, mosaic tiles, contemporary outdoor flooring materials, LED outdoor lights or fiber optic pool lights, lush greenery, and original swimming pools shapes, waterfalls, and attractive patio ideas create beautiful backyard designs that show off in exciting ways.

Electronic auto fills, and salt water chlorinators are stress-free solutions that keep swimming pools crystal clear, healthy and running smoothly. Durable pool materials keep swimming pools look beautiful, protecting outdoor swimming pool surfaces from damaging. Contemporary outdoor flooring materials, outdoor lights, pool lighting design and modern swimming pool decorating materials add color, textures and luxurious shimmer to traditional concrete swimming pools and patio areas.

Backyard swimming pools and ponds, beautiful backyard ideas

Upgrading outdoor swimming pools

Beautiful backyard ideas, stone swimming pool decorating, panoramic views

New technologies, Green building, and decorating materials are contemporary and versatile. They offer attractive choices for backyard designs and outdoor living spaces in any style while upgrading outdoor swimming pools and creating modern and beautiful outdoor living spaces.

New technologies and decorating materials bring exciting and stylish upgrades and transform backyard designs with a swimming pool renovation. Up-to-date amenities blend comfort and luxury into yard landscaping and create inviting, elegant and modern outdoor seating areas and swimming pools.

Backyard swimming pool and stone patio ideas

Latest trends in decorating and outdoor swimming pool renovation

1. Salt water chlorinator is a modern swimming pool purifier, representing the latest trends in swimming pool service technology. Saltwater chlorinators eliminate the storage and manual application of chlorine. These chlorinators will also prevent itchy eyes and green hair by regulating their chlorine levels, and make you spend more time swimming in your backyard pool and less time taking care of it.

Two beautiful backyard swimming pools transforming small spaces into comfortable and stylish

2.Glass roofs and transparent swimming pool enclosures allow stretching your swimming experience to rainy and cold days.

Outdoor swimming pool with mosaic tiles in light and deep blue colors

3. Color LED lights and fiber optic lights for swimming pools.

Energy efficient and attractive, the outdoor lights bring a romantic mood into backyard nightlife. A well-lit pool and patio areas, surrounded by fiber optic spot lights add charm and beauty to yard landscaping at night.

100 outdoor swimming pools increasing home values and decorating outdoor living spaces in style

4. Aggregate finish pool plaster and pebbles with colored glass that sparkle, creating festive and joyful outdoor living spaces. Elegant mosaic tiles and new finish materials garnish swimming pools with luxurious shine, the attractive texture, and beautiful color.

Natural stone and bricks for backyard swimming pool decorating

5. Built-in seats allow more comfort and can decorate swimming pools with creative designs. Waterfalls add tranquility and a fantastic look to outdoor swimming pools and improve yard landscaping by adding stunning centerpieces to outdoor living spaces.

4. Electronic auto fills for endless water supply are excellent, practical and contemporary additions to backyard swimming pools. An electronic auto-fill monitors the water level of the swimming pool and adds water to the pool without you taking care of it.

25 contemporary swimming pools stretching outdoor living spaces to infinity

5. Natural stone decking materials for renovating and decorating outdoor swimming pools and patios are one of the latest trends that are timelessly stylish, eco-friendly and very attractive. Swimming pools and patio designs decorated with natural stones look luxurious. Mosaic tile designs add a personal touch and artistic uniqueness to backyard swimming pools while bringing more color into outdoor home decorating.

Creative shapes and oversize swimming pool design ideas

6. Dark colors are among the latest trends in the industry that allow heating the water naturally and in an energy-conserving way. Choosing swimming pool building and decorating materials in medium to dark colors saves money and creates eco-friendlier backyard designs.

Swimming pool enclosures

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