2 Small Backyard Ideas Designing Chic Outdoor Spaces with Swimming Pools

water feature, swimming pool with floating flowers


These two small backyard ideas beautifully incorporate swimming pools into outdoors, creating gorgeous, functional, pleasant and chic outdoor living spaces with inviting small dining areas and miniature garden designs.  These creative and luxurious small backyard ideas are excellent for all who have a small property but like to spend lots of time outdoors. Adding a swimming pool to backyard designs turns even small spaces into luxurious, welcoming and stylish.

Even very small backyard designs can provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the luxury of a private swimming pool. Relaxing in a swimming pool is a pure pleasure and a nice way to unwind and rejuvenate. These fantastic small backyard ideas show how to design beautiful backyards with a wooden deck or a stone patio and a swimming pool. These wooden deck and stone patio are fantastic places for enjoying warm weather, entertaining and having fun with friends and family.

These spectacular, creative and elegant backyard landscaping ideas are great inspirations for adding a swimming pool, seating and dining areas, plants and flowers to your backyard designs, styling and beautifying your outdoor living spaces. Simple, comfortable and attractive backyard landscaping ideas create spacious and welcoming spaces, incorporating miniature garden designs and charming yard decorations into subtle and peaceful outdoor living spaces.

Small backyard design with swimming pool wooden deck

Small backyard design with wooden deck, miniature garden, swimming pool, seating and dining areas

Privacy and safety, if you have small kids, are important considerations that define your backyard landscaping ideas around a swimming pool. A glass screen is an excellent idea to create safe and spacious backyard design without blocking the view. Big trees and tall shrubs along the wall are strategic planted for creating more privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Lush green plants around a swimming pool add life to backyard landscaping ideas and create peaceful and tranquil outdoors.  its beautiful looks. Wall shelves with small plants and flowers, a dining furniture set and a BBQ, a comfortable seating area with soft pillows and pretty lanterns are great small backyard landscaping ideas that improve functionality and add style to outdoor living spaces.

Small backyard landscaping ideas, tiny green lawn, wooden deck and swimming pool with glass screens
Container garden and BBQ on wooden deck

Natural light gray, white and blue color combinations look fabulous with the blue water and green plants, creating bright and cheerful backyard designs and emphasizing the simplicity and elegance. Keeping only what you really need in backyard add a spacious look and airy feel to your outdoor spaces, and allows to relax and enjoy the natural beauty in stylish and tranquil atmosphere.

2 small backyard ideas creating outdoor living spaces with style

Two modern patio ideas turning small backyard designs into gorgeous oases

Having glass doors to a wooden deck or a stone patio help blend home interiors with backyard landscaping and enriches interior design with a gorgeous view of the swimming pool water. A small sunshade or a large umbrella that create a shelter from the sun make the outdoors more pleasant and allow to spend more time outside.

Small backyard landscaping ideas, swimming pool and patio designs

Beautiful small backyard landscaping ideas

Small backyard landscaping ideas that blend functional and stylish designs create beautiful and easy to maintain outdoor living and have more time to have fun being outdoors.

Mexican style garden designs and yard landscaping ideas

22 fabulous container garden design ideas for beautiful balconies and backyard landscaping

The swimming pool with a glass screen is a nice idea for families with young kids. Safe and beautiful water features add a calming feel to backyard landscaping, creating a gorgeous scene and happy memories.

Outdoor swimming pool and stone patio designs with a seating area, BBQ and dining furniture
Swimming pool stone patio, outdoor seating area with bright white and blue pillows

  by Ena Russ   

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