Charming Modern Kitchens, Pros of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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contemporary kitchen cabinets light wood frosted glass


Wood kitchen cabinets are always in style. Modern kitchen cabinets design is about blending traditional and modern ideas, techniques, materials and styles, that offers affordable or luxurious, contemporary or classic wood kitchen cabinets for those who appreciate comfort and functionality, and enjoy traditional kitchen designs and contemporary technology.

Made of wood kitchen cabinets bring warmth and energy of natural material into modern homes, creating personal and cozy kitchen interiors and unique welcoming atmosphere. Classic wood kitchen cabinets design with frosted glass doors, wood carving decorations, wrought iron accessories and beautiful oak or cheery wood colors create charming kitchen interiors in castle-like style.

Solid wood, glass, ceramic, natural stone, wrought iron and stainless steel are wonderful materials for eco friendly modern kitchen design. Oak or cherry kitchen colors,  (Modern kitchen color trends) , wrought iron or ceramic handles and knobs, charming arches and classic hoods are parts of warm and comfortable traditional kitchen designs.

Traditional kitchen designs, wooden kitchen cabinets, wrought iron chandelier

Efficient contemporary lighting, light maple and bleached wood tones, simple design and functional stainless steel accessories bring contemporary ideas into kitchen interiors.

Light pastel kitchen colors, like soft green, white or yellow cream, gray, chocolate, blue or pink create beautiful contrasts with wood cabinets and furniture.

Floral wallpaper in soft pastel blue, cream-white kitchen cabinets, light and bright modern kitchen in traditional style

Patina and wood carving ornaments add chic accents to cabinets design. Painted kitchen cabinets is a great way to refresh kitchen interiors and add a splash of stylish color.

Modern kitchen in classic style, wooden kitchen cabinets with glass doors

Contemporary fusion of styles and modern design trends influences modern kitchen design with simple lines, trendy colors and contemporary finishes that allow to enjoy the beauty of natural wood for years. (Modern kitchen design, simple and sleek masterpieces)

Small round legs are interesting modern kitchen design details that add charm to wooden kitchen interiors, freestanding cabinets and islands.

Freestanding kitchen cabinets on small round legs, traditional and modern kitchen design trends

Exotic wood textures, interesting patterns, created with natural stripes and light contemporary finish offer beautiful light and dark, brown-purple and brown-red wine colors for modern kitchen design.

10 modern kitchen design trends
Modern kitchens, kitchen ideas and design trends

Contemporary wooden kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen design trends

Light cabinets design, good lighting, stainless steel and glass make modern kitchen interiors bright and comfortable.

Modern kitchen design, light wood kitchen cabinets, beautiful glass doors and efficient lighting

Contemporary technology and new finishes allow create unique, personal and stylish kitchen interiors with wooden cabinets, shelves and islands that look solid and attractive for many years.

Modern kitchen design trends, solid wood kitchen cabinets in contemporary style

Royal blue kitchen design, carved wood kitchen cabinets
Modern kitchens, classic and pop-art kitchen design

10 pros of wood kitchen cabinets

1. Wooden kitchen cabinets are eco friendly products;
2. Wood is always in style;

Painted kitchen cabinets, modern kitchens with large glass doors

3. Made of wood kitchen cabinets look expensive and luxurious;
4. Modern kitchen cabinets, made of wood, can have charming carved ornaments;
5. Wooden kitchen cabinets and shelves are easier to repair and renovate;

Dark wood kitchen cabinets, contemporary lighting and island with convenient drawers, modern kitchen design trends

6. Made of wood kitchen cabinets can be refinished, changing shelves and cabinets style and colors;
7. Wooden kitchen design stays functional and comfortable for years;
8. Cabinets, drawers and shelves, made of solid wood, take heavy loads well;

Dark wood kitchen cabinets, wooden dining furniture, modern kitchen design in traditional style

9. Wood looks great with all decor colors and suits all interior design styles;
10. Modern kitchen cabinets, made of wood, have a sentimental, good old times flavor and creates cozy and warm kitchen interiors.

Modern kitchen color trends, white kitchens
Kitchen decorating and design trends

Contemporary furniture design, shelves and wall decoration, wooden kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen design trends

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