Modern Kitchen Design, Simple and Sleek Masterpieces for Contemporary Kitchen Interiors

contemporary kitchen ideas, modern kitchen islands and cabinets



Elegant modern kitchen designs from SieMatic present new kitchen ideas for Smart homes and stylish kitchen interiors. Modern kitchen designs feature high-tech appliances, simple shelves with convenient storage, large kitchen islands, innovative contemporary kitchen lighting ideas and kitchen cabinets that provide plenty of storage space and add chic to multifunctional kitchen interiors.

Creative new design ideas, that have been developed for Smart homes and modern kitchen designs over a few years, include integrated into panels, programmable contemporary lighting, DVD players, MP3, TV and internet connection. Contemporary kitchen design offers e-library with recipes, cooking instructions and 32-inch monitor, digital TV, port for i-pod, all built into attractive and very decorative front panels.

Simple and sleek, contemporary kitchen designs from SieMatic, offer large storage and light weight, slowly retractable, safe and comfortable to use kitchen cabinets with drawers and cabinets doors that look elegant and beautiful. Impressive contemporary kitchen interiors are designed for comfort and function, providing  ideal places for cooking chefs and guests, and bringing chic and style into modern homes.

Contemporary kitchen designs

Modern kitchen table from Starck, kitchen designer
Contemporary kitchen cabinets and island with large drawers, modern lighting design

European designer Philippe Starck presents his veiw at modern kitchen design. He created four stylish, spacious and modern kitchen designs for German company Warendorf.

For many years he have worked at various projects, developing new design concepts of modern kitchen cabinets and dining furniture, lamps, contemporary chairs for hotels and residential interiors. Now he presented a new design concept for contemporary kitchen interiors, perfect for modern lifestyle when kitchens are the center of family life.

Contemporary kitchen design, wooden kitchen cabinets and island, modern lighting design
Contemporary kitchen ideas, small kitchen design, modern lighting ideas, torchiere

10 modern kitchen ideas from Starck

1. Modern kitchen design includes contemporary cabinets with decorative panels, open shelves, LED lighting and large sliding drawers.

2. Contemporary lighting ideas and comfortable dining areas make multifunctional modern kitchen interiors with islands the heart of the home.

Top kitchen design trends

Modern kitchen designs with attitude

3. European designs show comfortable small kitchens in bright warm colors. Small kitchens in contemporary style feature stylish sleek forms, simple lines and space saving storage that enhance functionality and improve their attractive look.

White, silver and natural wood color combination, modern kitchen designs
Small kitchen design ideas, yellow-silver color combination, contemporary kitchen interiors

4. Inspired by retro-modern kitchen design ideas, the designer brought open book shelves into kitchen interiors. The Library kitchen features book shelves that surround elegant kitchen cabinets and add a cozy and peaceful feel to modern kitchen design.

5. Large kitchen islands and dining tables, comfortable chairs and impressive contemporary floor lamps create pleasant and inviting modern kitchen interiors in simple, elegant and luxurious style.

Modern kitchen cabinets, black-white-brown color schemes

Modern kitchen cabinets, white kitchens designs

6. Multifunctional modern kitchen cabinets, high-tech appliances and gadgets turn contemporary kitchen interiors into the center of family life, encouraging luxurious and comfortable lifestyle and adding chic details to modern homes. The Trumpet kitchen features a contemporary kitchen island with storage, stylish sink, faucet and marble top.

Small kitchen design ideas, wooden shelves and sliding glass cabinets doors
Modern lighting design, contemporary kitchen interiors

7. Comfortable and warm brown colors help bring relaxing atmosphere into modern kitchen interiors with almost neutral colors. Bright colors make small kitchen designs look more interesting and attractive. Elegant and airy white and silver color combinations with natural wood tones create beautiful modern kitchen designs with a flavor of contemporary style and chic.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets design ideas from artistic engineer

Creative home lighting design ideas

8. Contemporary kitchen Tower offers modern storage units for all utensils and kitchen appliances. A stove and a sink are built into a tall rotating tower with sliding doors and thoughtfully designed shelves. Space saving ideas add unique style to small kitchen designs and transform small homes with good organization and contemporary storage solutions.

Marble top kitchen island in contemporary style

9. Small kitchen design Duality is a combination of modern kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island with a large sink and four contemporary chairs. The work and dining surfaces with a square-shaped sink is an example of contemporary European designs that incorporate space saving ideas into small kitchen interiors and turn small rooms into beautiful and functional modern kitchens.

Modern kitchen cabinets, purple color schemes

Modern kitchen cabinets, storage design

10. The Primary kitchen presents luxurious and very attractive small kitchen design ideas. The contemporary kitchen is functional, simple and bright, ideal for creating modern small spaces.

Beautiful kitchen cabinets with contemporary storage spaces

Modern kitchens

Open shelves and glass doors, modern lighting design ideas and contemporary stainless steel appliances add shine and style to small kitchens and beautify large kitchen design, creating impressive and spacious contemporary kitchen interiors which comfortable, elegant, inviting and luxurious.

Contemporary kitchen interiors with islands and dining furniture
Contemporary kitchen cabinets with open book shelves

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