Kitchen Decorating and Design Trends for 2011

contemporary kitchen island, new design trends
Contemporary kitchen island design trends



Kitchen trends do not change too quickly, especially country home decorating ideas and classic kitchen designs. It makes sense to update kitchen cabinets, change appliances and buy new furniture once in 7 – 10 years, or when moving to another house and renovating old kitchens.

Today minimalism is the symbol of modern kitchens design, bringing contemporary style and demonstrating good taste. Knowing modern kitchen trends helps wisely spend money on kitchen remodeling and create comfortable and stylish kitchen interiors. It is good idea to learn new kitchen trends and modern interior design concepts. Sooner or later you will need to make decisions and apply fresh and modern interior decorating ideas to your kitchen design.

Some contemporary kitchen design trends are not new, but these ideas reflect functional elements of modern design style. Other kitchen designs and interior decorating ideas look futuristic, but fascinating and interesting, and soon will become a part of modern kitchen design.

Kitchen cabinets design trends

Bright decor accents and white kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen trends

Contemporary kitchen cabinets look simple and elegant. Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets with handles and hinges are becoming old fashioned. New kitchen cabinet doors, that can be easily opened by lightly pressing on the panel, are one of modern kitchen trends in cabinet design.

Functional and convenient, sliding kitchen cabinet doors and open kitchens shelves, which are not a new trend, are space saving, simple and modern kitchen design trends. Built-in kitchen cabinets that are painted or finishes to look as a part of the wall, create bright and glossy surfaces which are modern design trends in decorating kitchens.

Contemporary white kitchen cabinets and island design

Kitchen sinks, modern design trends

Ergonomic kitchen cabinets with drawers, modern kitchen trends

Modern, functional and attractive, artificial stone sinks with straight lines and gradual slopping design are one of modern kitchen design trends. Traditional stainless steel sinks in various shapes and artificial stone kitchen sinks define the top two design trends in modern kitchen sinks. Long, a river-like, or shorter, a drop-like, sink shapes are the most attractive current kitchen ideas for contemporary kitchen island designs.

Contemporary kitchen cabinet doors in red color, new kitchen design ideas
Modern stone sinks and stainless steel kitchen island designs

Contemporary kitchen island designs

Contemporary kitchen island designs have been developing over many years. Today modern kitchen island designs can feature all kitchen appliances and turn into the cooking, washing, home bar or eating zones. Modern kitchen island designs have ceiling-mounted, functional white kitchen cabinets, offering convenient storage and ergonomic kitchen organization.

Contemporary kitchen sink in orange color, modern kitchen trends
Modern kitchens trends, stylish sinks in water drop shapes

Modern kitchen island designs include several surfaces on different levels. Smooth, straight lined, curved or cubic architectural forms in eco style and sliding kitchen designs are practical and attractive modern design trends in kitchen islands.

Top 10 modern kitchen design trends

Modern kitchen colors

Bold kitchen colors, – colorful utensils, contemporary bright kitchen cabinets and vivid interior design accents are kitchen trends for 2011. Neutral color tones, black or white kitchen cabinets, black-n-white kitchen designs, shiny kitchen islands with colorful tops or shelves, stainless steel appliances and organizers are modern kitchen design ideas.

Contemporary kitchen island design trends

White kitchen cabinets, white and gray or mocha with white kitchen cabinets are current kitchen colors for 2011. Dark gray home appliances and dark gray, black or white kitchen cabinets with bright details and accessories are modern kitchen trends also.

Modern kitchen color trends 2011

Despite of neutral colors, bright neon kitchen colors look stylish and contemporary. Simple and sleek forms, combined with impressively bright kitchen colors, are modern kitchen ideas for 2011.

Contemporary kitchen island design, modern colors and trends in decorating
Modern kitchen lighting and free shape countertops, contemporary design trends

Kitchen lighting design trends

Neutral colors and wooden kitchen cabinets in dark tones need brighter kitchen lighting. New contemporary lighting decorating ideas look luxurious and intriguing. Functional and efficient, very decorative and stylish lighting design brighten up modern kitchens in neutral colors.

Modern bathroom, top 10 trends for 2011

Glass kitchen tiles, stainless steel appliances and glossy surfaces of kitchen cabinets and countertops are attractive choices for modern kitchen design. LED lighting and bright finishes are contemporary decorating ideas for kitchen renovations in 2011. Built-in LED lights, that can change kitchen colors, help create unique kitchen design and reflect the owners’ mood and personal preferences.

Contemporary kitchen lighting design ideas

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