Kitchens Shelves Decorating with Food, Eco Style Storage Ideas

wooden wall shelves for kitchen decorating and food storage in eco style

Wooden wall shelves for food storage, eco style kitchen storage ideas


Kitchens shelves with baskets and glass jars are a way to store food in eco style and decorate space with beautiful fruits, vegetables or colorful pasta. Summer and fall are the perfect seasons for changing your kitchen shelves decorating, and using dry and fresh food to add retro charm to modern kitchen designs in eco homes.

Kitchen shelves on walls, decorated with food, look gorgeous, colorful and welcoming. There are lots of beautiful fruits and vegetables on farmers markets in summer and fall that can adorn large and small kitchen shelves, and add bright edible accents to modern kitchen decor.

Wonderful, natural and fresh food colors bring life into kitchen interiors. Effective and convenient, simple and inexpensive kitchen storage solutions, – wooden boxes, baskets and glass jars with dried herbs, preserved fruits and bottles with olive oil look very attractive. Good home organization ans simple storage ideas create comfortable, cozy and modern kitchen decor in eco style.

Modern kitchen storage in eco style

Stainless steel kitchen storage shelves with glass jars and ceramic vases for food storage in eco style

Eco kitchen storage solutions for decorating with food

Kitchen shelves in a pantry or free standing shelving units are great for food storage in eco style. Kitchen cabinets with shelves and open wall shelves in your kitchen can be placed in the coolest area with no direct light, adding more storage space for food.

Choosing the right place for storage shelves saves eggs, edible herbs, oil, fruits and vegetables longer, because these sensitive to the temperature and light food require to be kept in dark and cool places.

Glass door kitchen storage shelves, kitchen decorating with food

Selecting proper kitchen storage solutions brings more organization into kitchen decor, helps to [reserve food and create attractive, colorful and environmentally friendly homes.

Wood kitchen cabinets with open shelves, kitchen storage ideas for decorating with food

Small  indoor plants and edible herbs, growing on kitchen shelves are a beautiful way to decorate eco homes and bring natural feel into modern kitchen interiors. Indoor plants and edible herbs are cheap decorations that create attractive kitchen decor on a dime.

Kitchen storage shelves with light, contemporary kitchen stainless steel shelves

Small indoor plants and edible herbs not only look great, but clean the air, improving the atmosphere while creating beautiful displays with food storage containers on shelves.

How to decorate kitchen with green plants and save money

Green kitchen storage solutions for environmentally friendly homes

Kitchen storage and organization, fabric bags for food storage, healthy food storage
Kitchen decorating with fabric bags for food, Green kitchen storage ideas

Creative team from The kitchn, and designer Jihyun Ryou, the author of Save Food from the Fridge, are sharing their Green ideas for kitchen wall shelves and food storage.

Contemporary kitchen storage ideas for healthy food, wall shelves for eggs, fruits and vegetables

Simple and healthy food storage solutions are a way to create  functional and eco friendly kitchen decor. Open kitchen shelves, designed for fruits, vegetables, eggs and spice storage, answer the questions where to store food in environmentally friendly homes, and how to create eco friendly and healthy homes.

Wooden wall shelves for food storage, eco style kitchen storage ideas

These wooden kitchen storage shelves are very decorative, stylish and interesting. Made of natural materials, cute hanging bags and wooden wall shelves are ideal storage solutions for eco friendly, functional and modern kitchen decor.

Kitchen decorating with wall shelves designed for fruits and vegetables storage, Green kitchen storage solutions

You can buy or make your own wooden kitchen storage shelves to keep food fresh and nutritious. Kitchen storage bags, designed for potato, garlic and onion can be bought or made of a piece of fabric. Made of natural fabrics, these storage bags are excellent for personalizing your kitchen decor.

Eco style kitchen decorating with food storage buckets

Modern kitchen decorating ideas

Kitchen designs with modern fashion attitude

Eco wall tile designs for modern life and style

Home design ideas from artistic engineer

Kitchen storage and organization in eco style, wooden cabinets with drawers for vegetable

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