Modern Interior Design Styles and Trends in Decorating to Simplify Life

interior decorating styles
Colorful carpet, gray living room furniture and walls


Modern interior design trends and decorating styles offer many beautiful solutions to personalize rooms. Creative and unique ideas show the taste and preferences of the owners, demonstrate their lifestyle while making them feel happy in their beautiful home. Originality and comfort are modern interior design trends for the coming year, so have a look at modern ideas and trends in decorating which show how to transform your living spaces and revive your favorite style.

Frugal simplicity, eco-design ideas, reasonable luxury and comfort are primary interior design trends. Modern home interiors are spacious and welcoming, offering safe and comfortable places to rest and work. The contemporary interior design is multifunctional and flexible allowing to change rooms for many different activities. Even small spaces are super functional and inviting. Space-saving ideas and eco style bring ultimate comfort into small places.

Modern interior trends in decorating

Modern living room design, contemporary fireplace, colorful carpet, yellow chairs

1. Room furniture

Light home furnishings are stylish and comfortable. Huge pieces, artificial textures, luxurious details are gone. Functional, comfortable, and lightweight furniture design takes center stage in modern interiors, making life comfortable and relaxing, and rooms feel breezy and spacious.

2. Natural materials

Wooden interiors are one of the trends in decorating with natural materials, but the top interior design trends bring natural stones and metal inside modern homes. Marble, onyx, granite, quartz, agate demonstrate their beautiful textures. Advanced technology offers innovative ideas to decorate stone surfaces with fabulous prints. Also, metals come to brighten up modern interiors. From faucets and handles to room furniture, lights, and wall design, metals bring shiny luxury, cold sparkling, and warm glow, creating fabulous, looking expensive and exclusive home interiors.

Modern living room decorating in white, wooden furniture, natural fabrics, green plants

3. Modern interior design styles

Here are the most popular interior design styles for projects:

    • high tech
    • loft
    • contemporary minimalist
    • Scandinavian
    • French Provence
    • Boho
    • eclectic
    • mid-century modern
    • ethnic interiors

      Mid-century modern furniture and floor lamp

3. Stylish ideas

Comfort and spaciousness are the top modern ideas for any interior design style you choose for your home. Floating interior decorating when zones harmoniously change one another creates a free flow of energy and balance in modern homes. Room dividers are light and transparent; furniture items are portable and versatile. Spectacular lighting design and unique artworks accentuate spacious interiors adding a luxury vibe to comfortable homes.

4. Modern color palette

Interior colors are classy and elegant. Black and white decorating, all gray color tones, light or dark brown colors, deep blue, green, terra-cotta, and turquoise hues are modern color trends for interior decorating.

Black and white decorating ideas, bedroom and bathroom with glass space divider

5. Bedroom designs

Bedrooms in minimalist or classic style are the most popular choice. Free of clutter, elegant and comfortable, modern bedroom designs show some luxury with gorgeous, high-end textures. Soft bed headboards, geometry, and rich textures create beautiful room decorating. Velvet, leather, and silk add chic to classic interiors and contemporary bedrooms in the minimalist style. Yellow colors, golden decorations, and accents fill modern bedrooms with sunshine and warmth.

White bedroom design
Loft style, modern bedroom design

6. Living room designs

Modern living rooms look spacious and functional. Interior decorating with neutral colors is one of the top design trends. Next year brings light room colors, off-white tones, creamy shades, coffee with milk brown colors and pale yellow color in cold hues for modern living room design. Unpainted wood, cork, natural stones give inspirations for interior colors of contemporary living rooms.

Colorful carpet, gray living room furniture, and walls
Light wall and furniture colors, red accents for living room decorating
Metal and wood furniture, light wall paint colors
Large windows, velvet upholstery fabric, light living room colors

7. Kitchen and bathroom interiors

Modern kitchens and bathrooms feature clean lines, integrated appliances, and lots of space. Contemporary and traditional design materials, monochromatic hues, advanced storage solutions, and minimum decor are the latest trends allowing to achieve elegant, simplistic, and functional interior design.

Modern bathroom with oval tub in classic style
Glass room divider with floral design, modern bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms designs need bright accents to look stylish and attractive. Red, orange, yellow color shades, as well as blue and vibrant turquoise color, are perfect choices for accentuating modern kitchen and bathroom interiors. Mixing bright hues with classy white, gray, beige, and black is a modern idea that creates excitement and keeps the interior design calming and elegant. The latest trends in decorating kitchen and bathrooms are sophisticated color palettes which consist of different monochromatic hues, and accent colors.

White kitchen cabinets
Contemporary kitchen design
Open space with kitchen and dining area

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